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The NYRDC locations at Baruch, Cornell, and Yale operate under a unified governance structure with a common Board of Directors. It is suggested that you contact the RDC Administrator at the site where you are interested in conducting your project to initiate a new research project proposal.

If you need assistance with a policy or business matter, please contact the respective RDC Executive Director.

Executive Directors

NYRDC Administrators


  • Chair: Sherry Ryan, Baruch College – CUNY
  • Lena Edlund, Columbia University
  • Zhuan Pei, Cornell University
  • John Mollenkopf, City University of New York
  • Stephen Redding, Princeton University
  • Aixa Cintron Velez, Russell Sage Foundation
  • Sebastian Heise, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Mark van Dok, MDRC
  • Michael Grossman, NBER
  • Rob Seamans, New York University NY
  • Benjamin Shaw, SUNY Albany
  • Sarah Hamersma, Syracuse University
  • Ronni Pavan, University of Rochester
  • Peter Schott, Yale University
  • We'd love to hear your ideas, suggestions, or questions!

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