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Cloud Computing Solutions

Hardware, software, programming, and debugging.

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Data Services

Data access, wrangling, reproduction, sharing, and archiving.

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Regulated Research Environment

New project intake, data use agreements, and security requirements.

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Description of CCSS Consulting Services

  • Cloud Computing Solutions

    For complete details on this service, view Cloud Computing Solutions page.


    CCSS provides programming and coding support for all software applications installed on our computing resources.  


    CCSS can create specific computing environments that best fit your personal or project team needs. We can create Windows or Linux systems with pre-installed CCSS software. Computing environments can be built with CPU or GPU processors. Schedule a consultation to determine what hardware resources fit your project needs.


    Name Software & Topic Expertise
    Jacob Grippin

    Software: Stata, SAS, R, RStudio, SPSS, Python, Matlab, JMP, MPlus, MikTex, Qualitative (Atlas.ti, MaxQDA)

    Topics: Hardware, Data Cleaning, Data Manipulation, Output Analysis, Web Scraping, Summarizing Data, Basic Qualitative Analysis

    Florio Arguillas

    Software: Qualitative (Altas.ti, MaxQDA), R, SAS, Git

    Topics: Advanced Qualitative Analysis

    Jonathan Chang

    Software: Python (+ Numpy/Scipy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Pytorch), Git, Linux

    Topics: Social media, Content moderation, Natural Language Processing

    Aishat Sadiq

    Software: Python, R, Linux, Qualtrics

    Topics: Geospatial, Qualitative Data Analysis

    Kanika Khanna

    Software: Python, Stata, R, Qualtrics, ArcGIS/QGIS

    Topics: Geospatial

  • Data Services

    For complete details on this service, view Data Services page.

    Access & Wrangling

    CCSS can help you find what kind of data you are looking for based on your research questions, variables, and time span, along with how to manage it best. Understanding data documentation and how to load your data into statistical software applications.  

    Sharing & Archiving

    CCSS provides options for safely archiving short- and long-term storage data and gives you best practices for preserving data integrity, security, and compliance.


    Are you posting your research to a journal? Could you check with CCSS to confirm your code runs error-free and that the results match from output to manuscript? Best practices for making your code efficient and reproducible. You can learn more details on this service here


    Name Software & Topic Expertise
    Jonathan Bohan

    Topics: Finding Data, Archiving, Data Management

    Florio Arguillas

    Topics: Research Reproducibility, Data Management, Processing, Archiving, and Sharing

  • Regulated Research Environment

    CCSS offers a range of secure environments. We can consult with you on the details at all levels for working in these environments, including new project intake, data use agreements, and security requirements for restricted access datasets. For complete details on this service, view here

    Regulated Research Environment

    The majority of restricted data can be remotely accessed using the Regulated Research Environment, which securely houses a vast range of restricted and confidential data. Our team will guide you through the process of establishing your project on the Regulated Research Environment.   


    Name Software & Topic Expertise
    Elena Goloborodko

    Topics: Regulated Research Project Intake, Data Security Requirements, Data Security Plans

    Jonathan Bohan

    Topics: Regulated Research Project Intake, Data Security Requirements, Data Security Plans

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For quick questions, attend our weekly drop in office hours or email

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