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Data Discovery & Replication

Access thousands of social science datasets, learn data wrangling skills, and archive and promote your data and findings. 

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What CCSS Offers

Data Discovery

CCSS can help you find and access thousands of datasets and documentation, including data available only to Cornell researchers.   

Data Wrangling 

Data experts can advise researchers as they retrieve, clean, integrate, deidentify, normalize, and convert their data into usable formats.

Replication Support 

Data and archiving specialists can guide you through preparing your data when finalizing your research, including how to verify the reproducibility of research before publication; help with curating, archiving, and sharing data. They can also consult on reproducibility packages and help meet open scholarship requirements for sharing your research. 



Did your research benefit from Cornell Center for Social Sciences Data Discovery & Replication?

Please acknowledge CCSS with the following language when publicizing or presenting your research results: “This research was supported by the Cornell Center for Social Sciences Data Discovery & Replication.”


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