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Data Deposit Process for CCSS Data & Reproduction Archive

Data Deposit Process for CCSS Archive

CCSS Data Discovery & Replication collects and maintains digital research data files in the social sciences. This includes receiving and archiving Cornell researcher-based digital research data files. 


What Research Data CCSS Accepts for Deposit:

In Scope

  • Cornell-authored social science research
  • CCSS-verified reproducible research packages
  • Cornell replication data and code associated with a publication
  • Potentially at-risk datasets on a case-by-case basis
  • Well-documented data

Not In Scope

  • Non-social sciences research
  • Involves significant cost to archive  
  • Available in other trusted repositories
  • Unclear rights to redistribute
  • Direct or indirect identifiable personal information
  • Suspected or known to contain inaccuracies

Ready to Deposit Your Data?

If you are affiliated with Cornell, you can request a data deposit by filling out the CCSS Data Deposit Form and following the steps below. 

Data Deposit Form


Data Deposit Form Instructions:

  1. Fill out all required fields, as many optional fields as possible and submit.      
  2. CCSS archival staff will contact you with any questions/requests for additional information. 
  3. When we have determined the data meets the archive requirements in the CCSS Collection Policy, a Cornell Box folder will be set up for you to upload your data and documentation files and provide you with the location.  
  4. Upload your materials to the Box folder. 
  5. Once you feel it is ready to publish, CCSS will create a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which will serve as a permanent link to your dataset. Your data and documentation files will NOT be accessible to or discoverable by others until we have your OK to publish. 

NOTE: At the point your data project is published, you cannot make any changes directly. You will request CCSS to upload an updated version you provide of the project data or metadata.   Any changes to data files will also require an update to the version ID. Contact CCSS in this event.  

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