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Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing for research. Secure, scalable and customizable environments with a range of quantitative and qualitative software. 

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“CCSS’ new cloud computing solutions ensure that social scientists at Cornell can easily access advanced computing for all their research needs.” – Maria Fitzpatrick, Associate Vice Provost for Social Sciences

Getting Started

CCSS provides computing resources in a cloud environment with a wide range of available software. Cloud options include shared and dedicated computing servers.

Based on member college approval, these resources are available to current Cornell faculty researchers, students and staff for research use only.

Request an Account

A researcher can request access to our cloud computing environments. CCSS provides shared and dedicated cloud environments for social science research. Research groups can schedule a consultation if they are unsure which cloud computing environment is best suited for their research workflow. 

What CCSS Offers


Access to the latest hardware on the cloud. Shared collaborative storage space and daily backup of research data.  Shared and dedicated servers available. Customizable and easy to use. Schedule a consultation to determine optimal hardware for your research. 


A variety of software are pre-installed for access to support quantitative and qualitative research. 

Training & Consultations

Programming help with quantitative and qualitative software is available. Schedule a personalized consultation using our automatic booking system. 

Explore our upcoming free hands-on workshops.


Working With Restricted Research Data?

CCSS Regulated Research Environment 

The CCSS Regulated Research Environment (formerly CRADC) provides customized secure computing environments for working with restricted research data. Our team will guide you through the process of establishing your project.

Did your research benefit from Cornell Center for Social Sciences Cloud Computing Solutions?

Please acknowledge CCSS with the following language when publicizing or presenting your research results: “This research was supported by Cornell Center for Social Sciences Cloud Computing Solutions.”


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