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Cornell Federal Statistical Research Data Center

  • Image of white FSRDC building on Pine Tree Road of Cornell Campus

Almost all FSRDCs are located at research institutions in large metropolitan areas. Cornell is unique in having this resource available in our rural community. This facility allows researchers to work locally with restricted-access federal data, removing the need to travel to New York City, the Washington, D.C. area, or elsewhere.

The Cornell Center for the Social Sciences coordinates the relationship with the U.S. Census Bureau for Cornell and houses the secure facility that the Census Bureau manages at 391 Pine Tree Rd.

Reservations are required. The reservation system ensures that researchers will have a workstation available when they come to the RDC, and it is used to produce RDC usage statistics. Researchers on approved projects who have scheduled an orientation can make reservations at Cornell RDC: Cornell RDC Reservations (

Masks are optional as long as the COVID-19 community level for Tompkins County is low or medium. If the community level is high, then masks will be required in the RDC.


Contact the RDC Administrator to initiate a new research project proposal. Researchers not affiliated with Cornell or any of the NYRDC consortium members may contact the RDC Executive Director for questions regarding access fees.

Did your research benefit from the Cornell Federal Statistical Research Data Center (supported by the Cornell Center for Social Sciences?

Please modify the standard FSRDC disclaimer with the following language when publicizing or presenting your research results:

"Any views expressed are those of the authors and not those of the U.S. Census Bureau. The Census Bureau has reviewed this data product to ensure appropriate access, use, and disclosure avoidance protection of the confidential source data used to produce this product. This research was performed at the Cornell Federal Statistical Research Data Center (supported by the Cornell Center for Social Sciences) under FSRDC Project Number PPPP. (CBDRB-FYyy-Ppppp-Rrrrrr)."


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