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Data Services

Assistance/training with finding, understanding, working with and depositing all aspects of data.

  • Data Services

CCSS Data Services Is...

Data Access
We can help you find and access data in our own data archive or external repositories.

Secure Data Services
We can advise you on available resources and support for restricted data access and storage.

Data Sharing and Archiving
Our data curation and archiving experts can assist you with data sharing, data reproducibility requirements, data curation and archiving, and long-term preservation.

How Can We Help?

What are Your Data Needs?

We have consultants who can help you learn how to find, access, use, analyze, manage, and archive your data for the long term.

View our services below.

  • Data Services

    • Find Data

      CCSS Data & Reproduction Archive - Cornell Center for Social Sciences (CCSS) has an extensive data collection with an emphasis on political and social behavior, demography, economics, and health. The collection includes federal and state census files, administrative records, public opinion surveys, economic and social data from national and international organizations, along with studies compiled by individual researchers. In addition, our archive includes the reproduction packages created by our R-Squared Service.: Search or Explore

      Some popular data:  

      ICPSR - more than 250,000 files of research in the social and behavioral sciences. It hosts 21 specialized collections of data in education, aging, criminal justice, substance abuse, terrorism, and other fields. 

      The Qualitative Data Repository - Data generated through qualitative and multi-method research in the social sciences. 

      Roper Center for Public Opinion Research - The world’s leading archive of public opinion survey data. 

      IPUMS - census and survey data from around the world integrated across time and space. 

      COVID-19 Data Sources – sources curated by our Data Librarian.

      New York Data Resources – sources curated by our Data Librarian.

      Still can’t find the data you need? Contact us!

    • Do you have restricted data or data storage concerns?

      We can advise you on available resources and support for restricted data access and storage.

      CCSS Secure Data Services

      Federal Statistical Research Data Center

      A Census Bureau facility that meets all physical and information security requirements for access to restricted-use microdata of the agencies whose data are accessed there. Find data available in the Research Data Centers using ResearchDataGov. CCSS-RS is a New York Research Data Center Consortium member, which has RDC labs at Baruch College, Cornell University, and Yale University. The Consortium is supported by thirteen research institutions in New York State and the New York Metropolitan area.  CCSS-RS maintains the Consortium website,, with information on RDC proposal guidelines, data resources, and policies and procedures. For questions or assistance, contact Nicole Szembrot at

      Cornell Restricted Access Data Center

      The Cornell Restricted Access Data Center (CRADC) provides customized secure computing environments for working with restricted research data, meeting the individual requirements of each data provider. Our years of experience since being a National Science Foundation-funded pilot project in 1999 have provided us with the knowledge necessary to offer you an individualized research environment customized to match the required security levels for your needs.

      CRADC Policies

      We offer:

      • Assistance with acquiring data and preparing data security plans to meet data providers’ security requirements and finalize the Data Provider Agreements.
      • A secure computing environment to house restricted access and limited use licensed data sets to ensure compliance with data providers’ security requirements and Cornell University data security policies.
      • Help connecting researchers with Cornell’s Research Services to authorize the use of restricted data on CRADC.
      • Access to a variety of data analysis software applications.
      • Access to:

      Kilts-Nielsen Data - CRADC houses Nielsen datasets for Cornell’s subscription. Interested researchers should begin the process of applying to use the datasets with Cornell Research Services and request new project space on CRADC.

      Institute for Employment Research (IAB) of the German Federal Employment Agency (IAB-RDZ) CCSS Research Support collaborates with the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) of the German Federal Employment Agency, enabling approved researchers to access confidential administrative microdata on labor markets securely. These resources are available to any researcher approved by IAB, no affiliation with Cornell is required. Learn more here

      Starting a new research project?

      • Cornell Research Services: Your starting point for working with data that requires restrictions.
      • Before contacting CRADC, please review the following Regulated Data Chart: If your data falls under a green checkmark, you do not need CRADC; apply for a standard research accountIRB decision tree: If your result is anything other than "Not human participant" or "human subjects research," your project will need IRB review; please contact research services (above) first.

      CRADC Help 

      Contact us for assistance with logging in, changing your password, requesting new projects, reporting CRADC issues, requesting file transfers, or any other questions.
    • Do you have requirements to archive your data?

      Our data curation and archiving experts can assist you with data sharing, data reproducibility requirements, data curation and archiving, and long-term preservation.

      • Check out Cornell’s draft Data Retention Policy 

      • Talk to our data librarian 

      • Results Reproduction Service: this is a service that computationally reproduces the results of your research to ensure Reproducibility and Transparency – think of it as enhanced proofreading for your Data and Code. Email us to learn more. 

      Locations to Archive Your Data

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