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Three ways to find help with your computing, software, and data questions.

Helpdesk Consultants

The CCSS Research Support HelpDesk consultants assist students and faculty by offering support and guidance with statistical applications. Our student consultants represent a diverse array of social science backgrounds who are hired based on their demonstrated quantitative and analytical performance.

The list below may help you find which consultants best match your needs. Please note, however, that the software listed for each is just their expertise. All our consultants have extensive experience in statistical computing and can help get you started in any software supported by CCSS-RS.

Lead Statistical Consultant

Jacob Grippin

Software: Stata, SAS, R, RStudio, SPSS, Python, Minitab, Matlab, JMP, MPlus, MikTex, Qualitative(Atlas.ti, NVivo)

Topics: Data Cleaning, Data Manipulation, Output Analysis, Summarizing Data, Qualitative Software, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Web Scraping, Geospatial(R)

Headshot of Jacob Grippin

Consultant Bios

  • Florio Arguillas, Research Associate

    Headshot of Florio Arguillas

    Florio Arguillas
    Research Associate
    741 Rhodes Hall

    Contact me for assistance with:

    • verifying and certifying the reproducibility of your study prior to submission for publication;
    • packaging your replication files so that the package is portable, independently understandable, easy to re-use, and ready for deposit in any journal-designated repository;
    • best practices in managing and reviewing data and code, and in making transparent and reproducible research;
    • trainings customized for you, your project team, or your class on tools for qualitative and quantitative data analysis, as well as on qualitative and quantitative data management, processing, and analysis;
    • writing, understanding, and debugging codes/scripts;
    • getting your data ready for analysis;
    • crafting or reviewing data management plans for your proposals;
    • assessing and mitigating disclosure risks, and anonymizing data prior to use or sharing.

    Bio: I am passionate about helping Cornell researchers make their research well-managed, transparent, reproducible, and easy to find, access, and re-use. I enjoy conducting customized trainings for classes, individuals, and/or project teams on qualitative and quantitative data management and processing, as well as on tools for qualitative and quantitative data analysis. I find joy in imparting my skills and knowledge during individual and project team consultations and learning new things from these interactions. I apply new knowledge I have gained in order to further improve our services.

    I hold a Ph.D. and M.S. in development sociology (Cornell University), an M.A. in demography (University of the Philippines-Diliman), and an A.B. in economics (Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines).

  • Jonathan Bohan, Data Archive Specialist and Assistant Data Custodian

    Headshot of Jonathan Bohan

    Jonathan Bohan
    Data Archive Specialist and Assistant Data Custodian
    391 Pine Tree Road

    Contact me for: Data reference questions, questions about our Data and Reproduction Archive, depositing data in a trusted repository, persistent identifiers, and converting data formats.

    Bio: I am passionate about helping researchers find and use data; making older and historical data usable with modern statistical programs; and making our Data and Reproduction Archive more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). I'm excited to be part of the Cornell Center for Social Sciences.

    I was born and raised in northern New Jersey and lived in the Boston area for 16 years before moving to Ithaca with my family in 2015. I have been working for Cornell since late 2016. I hold Master's degrees in History and Library and Information Science, and a Bachelor's in Business Administration.


  • Jonathan Chang, PhD Candidate, Senior Data Science Fellow


    Headshot of Jonathan Chang

    Jonathan Chang 
    PhD Student, Senior Data Science Fellow
    Computer Science

    Research Interests: Social media, Content moderation, Computational Social Science, Natural Language Processing

    Bio: Jonathan is a fifth-year PhD candidate in Computer Science at Cornell, advised by Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil (Information Science). He earned his undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College. Jonathan’s current focus is on studying the problem of content moderation on online platforms and social media. He applies NLP and computational social science techniques both to characterize and model the patterns of misbehavior online, and to develop computational tools that can help improve the effectiveness of content moderation.

    Tools/Software: Python (+ Numpy/Scipy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Pytorch), Git, Linux

  • Xiaomeng Chen, PhD Candidate, Senior Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Xiaomeng

    Xiaomeng Chen
    PhD Candidate, Senior Data Science Fellow
    Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

    Research Interests: digital platforms, knowledge spillover and open innovation

    Bio: Xiaomeng Chen is a fifth-year PhD candidate at Cornell University. She is from Lanzhou, China and she received her undergraduate degree at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She is currently working on platform choices in the context of open innovation platforms, exploring the effect of platform-level strategy on platform outcome, and examining the change in knowledge creation. She is experienced with economic and statistical modeling, causal inference, data analysis, text minin, web scraping and relational database.

    Tools/Software: Python, STATA, SQL, R, GitHub, Matlab, google big query.


  • Elena Goloborodko, ​​​​​​​Secure Data Services Manager, Data Custodian

    Headshot of Elena Goloborodko

    Elena Goloborodko
    Secure Data Services Manager, Data Custodian
    391 Pine Tree Road

    Contact me for: Research with restricted data, data security requirements, data security plans, and the Cornell Restricted Access Data Center (CRADC) operations.

    Bio: I am passionate about everything related to data: data collection business rules, data accuracy and integrity, data analysis, data availability and accessibility, data security, database architecture, and information systems. I believe in data-driven change and consider myself lucky to support research for social sciences and economics.

    I was born in USSR – a country that no longer exists. I completed my Master’s degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Kiev State University, Ukraine.  After immigrating to the United States in 1998, my family settled in Ithaca. A few months after our arrival, I started a job at Cornell's College of Human Ecology.

    I have been challenging myself to learn new skills and try new jobs in data management and software design project management. I am excited to bring my 30+ years of experience to the Cornell Center for Social Sciences.


  • Lynda Kellam, ​​​​​​​Data Librarian

    Headshot of Lynda Kellam

    Lynda Kellam
    Data Librarian
    737 Rhodes Hall

    Contact me for: Assistance finding, accessing, and preparing qualitative and quantitative data for analysis, designing data management workflows and planning, and curating data. Visit my research support page to learn more. 

    Bio: I have over 15 years of experience helping researchers and students discover, access, and use social science data. Before Cornell, I was the Research Data Services Coordinator and the part-time Assistant Director of the International and Global Studies program at UNC Greensboro. I received my MA in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison; MA in Library and Information Science from UNCG; and I am a doctoral candidate in American history. 

  • Sabrina Porcelli, PhD Candidate, Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Sabrina Porcelli

    Sabrina Porcelli
    PhD Candidate, CCSS Data Science Fellow

    Research Interests: Emotion regulation, impulsivity, risky behavior, and psychopathology

    Bio: Sabrina Porcelli is a PhD Candidate in Developmental Psychology at Cornell University. Prior to entering the PhD program, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Statistics at The George Washington University and earned her Master of Arts in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University. Her research focuses on people’s tendency to act impulsively in response to strong emotions. Sabrina has experience with both quantitative and qualitative methods and has worked with both cross-sectional and longitudinal data.

    Tools/Software: R, SAS, Mplus, Qualtrics, Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), SPSS, OSF


  • Aspen Russell, PhD Candidate, Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Aspen Russell

    Aspen Russell
    PhD Student, CCSS Data Science Fellow
    Information Science, Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science

    Research Interests: online communities, norms, social media conflict, computational social science

    Bio: Aspen Russell is an Information Science PhD student at Cornell University. There she studies the emergence and maintenance of norms in online spaces. Currently, she is studying how online groups create and maintain prosocial spaces while dealing with conflict, with the intention to use results to inform platform moderation and public policy. She typically uses computational and qualitative methods. Aspen is also lead researcher on a multi-platform social media study investigating user strategies to deter toxic behavior. At Cornell, Aspen is a member of the Social Media Lab (SML) and Data Science Fellow for the Cornell Center for Social Sciences (CCSS), where she develops workshops on computational social science. Aspen is supported by the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship and is a Sloan Foundation Fellow.

    Tools/Software: R, Python, JavaScript (D3.js), GitHub, Qualtrics, NVivo, Dedoose, OpenRefine


  • Aishat Sadiq, PhD Candidate, Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Aishat Sadiq

    Aishat Sadiq
    Psychology PhD student, CCSS Data Science Fellow
    Human Ecology

    Research Interests: Early life social context and health

    Bio: Aishat Sadiq is from Houston, Texas and is completing her PhD in Psychology at Cornell. She graduated from Earlham College ('19) with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in African/African American Studies. She is passionate about early life environments and how they impact both physical and mental health. Aishat sees herself as an activist first, scholar second. Due to this, she hopes to tailor her research toward marginalized and hidden communities.

    Tools/Software: R, Python, Github, SPSS, Qualtrics


  • Sam Sautu, PhD Candidate, Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Sam Sautu

    Sam Sautu
    Human Development PhD Student
    Research Assistant in the Life History Lab
    Data Consultant at CCSS
    Editor Assistant for Cientifico Latino

    Department: College of Human Ecology, Psychology Department, Neuroscience Institute.

    Research Interests: I look at the role of physiological state as a mediator of the effect of chronic stress on health outcomes, behavior and performance.

    Bio: Samantha is an argentinian-born, panamanian-raised medical doctor who sees social relationships as critical molders of the individual’s neurophysiology and the collective wellbeing. During her time outside of the lab you'll find her binging on music and cat cuddles.

    Tools/Software: R, SPSS, Python, Qualtrics


  • Pablo Scuticchio, PhD Candidate, Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Pablo Scuticchio

    Pablo Scuticchio
    PhD Candidate, CCSS Data Science Fellow

    Research Interests: Comparative politics, criminal politics, Latin America

    Bio: Pablo Scuticchio is a PhD student in Political Science at Cornell University. He earned an MA in International Relations at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS-JHU). Before that Pablo worked as a foreign affairs analyst for the office of the Argentine Chief of Staff.

    Tools/Software: R


  • Felicia Setiono, PhD Candidate, Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Felicia Setiono

    Felicia Setiono
    PhD Candidate, CCSS Data Science Fellow
    Division of Nutritional Sciences

    Research Interests: Food and beverages purchasing behavior in adolescents, food retail environment, health disparity and equity.

    Bio: Felicia Setiono is a PhD candidate in the Division of Nutritional Sciences. Prior to coming to Cornell, she earned an MSPH in Human Nutrition from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Felicia’s research interest revolves around understanding how environmental and social factors impact food/beverage purchasing behavior in adolescents, especially those living in low-income communities. Felicia has experiences in nutrition intervention work, utilizing national survey data, and qualitative methodology.

    Tools/Software: Stata, Qualtrics, REDCap, NVivo.

  • Remy Stewart, PhD Candidate, Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Remy Stewart

    Remy Stewart 
    PhD Candidate, CCSS Data Science Fellow

    Research Interests: Natural language processing in social science research, public policy, inequality in urban contexts, ethics within data science

    Bio: Remy is a PhD Candidate in the Sociology Department originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her research focuses on two primary topics. The first is the application of natural language processing methods to understand housing policy dynamics related to gentrification, homelessness, rent control, and beyond within American metropolitan regions. Second is engaging with ethical dilemmas inherent within emerging data science backed research such as user privacy, participant consent, and algorithmic harm. She is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and a Cornell Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement Dean’s Scholar. 

    Tools/Software: R, Python, Github


  • Nichole Szembrot, RDC Administrator


    Headshot of Nicole Szembrot

    Nicole Szembrot
    RDC Administrator
    391 Pine Tree Road

    Interests: FSRDC Specialist 

    Bio: Nichole is available to assist the Cornell community with proposal development and other facets of FSRDC data access. Nichole Szembrot has a Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University. Dr. Szembrot joined the Census Bureau in January 2018 and was assigned as the Administrator for the Cornell RDC. Prior to the Census Bureau, Dr. Szembrot was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Trinity College.

  • Kimberly Williamson PhD Candidate, Senior Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Kimberly Williamson

    Kimberly Williamson
    PhD Candidate, Senior Data Science Fellow
    Information Science

    Research Interests: Higher Education, DEI, Computational Social Science, Data Viz

    Bio: Kimberly is a third-year doctoral student in Information Science at Cornell University, advised by Rene Kizilcec in the Future of Learning Lab. Kimberly earned both a Master of Education in higher education and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Iowa State University. Before pursuing their doctorate degree, Kimberly worked for ten years in higher education data administration at multiple universities in the US. Kimberly’s research area uses learning analytics and educational data mining to explore the best ways to communicate educational data to higher education decision-makers. 

    Tools/Software: R, Python, Qualtrics, RShiny, Tableau, SQL, Git, Bash

  • Yolanda Xue, PhD Candidate, Senior Data Science Fellow

    Headshot of Yolanda Xue

    Yolanda Xue
    PhD Candidate, Senior Data Science Fellow
    Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

    Research Interests: Innovation, Strategy, Intellectual Property Rights

    Bio: Yolanda is a fifth year PhD candidate at Cornell University. She is from Beijing, China and she received her undergraduate degree at University of California, San Diego. She is currently working on constructing novel text-based metrics of innovation disclosure, exploring the economic importance of innovation disclosure, and examining how patent enforcement impacts corporate innovation strategy. She is experienced with economic and statistical modeling, causal inference, data analysis, and text mining.

    Tools/Software: Python, STATA, SQL, R, GitHub

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