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Consulting Services

Assistance with data access, use and analysis, security and data management plans, and related research/learning needs. 

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CCSS Consulting Services Is...

CCSS Research Support upholds Cornell social scientists’ evolving computational and data needs throughout the research process and data life cycle.

HelpDesk consultants are available to assist you with questions about computing and working with software packages.

Staff Specialists are available to help you with a wide range of data-related needs. They can help you find, deposit, archive, understand, and work with data, reproduce your research, and tailor computing environments to your research needs. Below are examples of help we can provide across the critical phases of a research project.

For assistance with funding your research project, please view our grant and fellowship opportunities. 


  • What is the Phase of Your Research Project?

    • I’m at the initial stage of my research project, and I’m looking for help with:

      • finding methods courses
      • finding existing datasets
      • collecting data
      • understanding existing documentation about the data
      • documenting my own data
      • writing a data availability statement
      • pre-registering a data analysis plan
    • I’m at the intermediate stage of my research project, and I’m looking for help with:

      • Organizing or analyzing my data
      • Accessing data analysis software and trainings
      • Working with qualitative data
      • Converting my data into a preferred file format
      • De-identifying data and reducing the risk of disclosure
      • Developing the skill to process qualitative data using analysis software packages
      • Managing project teams processing qualitative or quantitative data
    • I’m at the end of my research project, and I’m looking for help with:

      • Documenting my data or creating metadata
      • Preserving/archiving data
      • Ensuring reproducibility of my study e.g., package publication-ready data, code, and documentation
      • identify an appropriate repository for your study or data and assist in depositing it
      • Storage and backup for your research and related reproduction materials
      • Preserving/archiving a reproducibility package and providing a DOI for the journal to link the article to the reproducibility package

Have questions? Need help?

There are multiple ways of obtaining assistance from CCSS staff and consultants:

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