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American Hospital Association Data

Hospital characteristics across time for health services research and market analysis.

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What is American Hospital Association Data?

A hospital data source made available to Cornell researchers through CCSS, in conjunction with the Cornell University Libraries that has been used by Cornell researchers looking at topics ranging from Racial/Ethnic variations in discharge destination after inpatient carethe impact of accountable care organization participation on hospital patient experience, to community partnerships, safety-net hospitals, and readmission rates. See the Cornell-Authored articles and dissertations below for additional examples of Cornell researchers who have used this data in preparing their publications.

The dataset includes the following:

  • A comprehensive hospital database for health services research and market analysis.
  • Compiled from 5,786 - 6,334 hospitals surveyed each year
  • Supplemented by data from the American Hospital Association registration database, the US Census Bureau, hospital accrediting bodies, and other organizations
  • Variables on organizational structure, facilities and services, total facility beds, utilization, finances, and staffing
  • Provides trends across time, particularly useful for researchers
  • The current dataset provides access to 2010-2021 data. If you want earlier or more recent data, please contact us at to discuss

In addition, CCSS provides access to the AHA Annual Survey IT Database

  • Years 2010 and 2012-2015
  • Information on healthcare technology adoption
  • Indicators in response to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act
  • 3,283 - 3,539 hospitals surveyed each year

More Information

How to Access American Hospital Association Datasets

Each American Hospital Association’s Annual Dataset is available to current Cornell affiliates for direct download upon completion of the following required steps:  The download request starts here.

  • Each year’s data is a separate archive record. Select a year within your period of interest and click on “Data & Documentation” in the archive record.
  • Select a file for download.
  • The data archive Acceptable Use Policy and AHA’s requirements will appear when requesting your first file for download. Review these terms. Then,
  • In the box labeled  “Your Project Description / Objectives.” provide a summary description of your project and check the box indicating you agree to the terms and conditions.
  • CCSS Archive staff will seek authorization from AHA to share the data with you, based on your description. (Please note this is not automatic and you will need to return once permission is granted to actually download the files.)
  • If approved by AHA, permission will be granted to download the data. This will give you access to the entire run of Annual Survey data held by CCSS.

IT Database access

  • The process is the same for the IT database, except that all years of the data are in one catalog record here.

Citing American Hospital Association Data

The AHA datasets all have suggested citations in their catalog records. For the Annual Survey, the format is as follows:

American Hospital Association. American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Survey Database - [year]. Catalog no. [Catalog ID]. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University. Cornell Center for Social Sciences [distributor]. [date dataset was added to archive]. Version 1.

As the IT survey dataset is one catalog record, the recommended citation does not change depending on the year, and it is as follows:

American Hospital Association. American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Survey IT Database, 2010; 2012-2015. Catalog no. 2773. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University. Cornell Center for Social Sciences. Chicago, IL: American Hospital Association. Health Forum [distributor]. 2016-02-26. Version 1. 

Can’t Find the Health Data You Want in Our Archive?

  • The CCSS Data & Reproduction Archive has many datasets with the subject heading of health services and medical care here.
  • CCSS membership in ICPSR provides Cornell affiliates access to their wide-ranging collection of datasets, including the Health & Medical Care Archive. You will need to register using your Cornell email address to download data.
  • As a Cornell affiliate, you may contact us using this form to inquire about the data you seek.

Have Additional Questions About This Data?

Please get in touch with us at for assistance.

How Do I Get Cited When I Use American Hospital Association Data?

Please inform us of your publication that used this data so we can add it to our bibliography of related articles.

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