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A community for qualitative researchers.

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QuIRI brings together researchers from across Cornell who are teaching, employing, and developing rigorous qualitative research methodologies. The qualitative and interpretive social science faculty at Cornell University are among the very best in the world. QuIRI creates opportunities for collaboration and excellence in interpretive social science research and training.


Cornell University’s QuIRI was established in 2020 to:

  1. Enhance the support for qualitative and interpretive social scientists at Cornell

  2. Increase the coordination and collaboration among Cornell faculty who teach, employ, and develop qualitative research methods

  3. Increase the visibility and awareness of qualitative methodological opportunities among the social sciences at Cornell

  4. Enhance the social science qualitative research methods training at Cornell

  5. Identify collaboration opportunities for qualitative researchers in other disciplines

  6. Enhance the external visibility of the strong qualitative research community at Cornell

QuIRI 2020-21 Initiatives (details forthcoming): 

  • Small Grant Initiatives 

  • Graduate Student Working Group Program 

  • Faculty Summer Institute

  • QuIRI Seminar Series

Fall 2020 QuIRI Seminar Series (exact dates & time TBD): 

  • "Qualitative Digital Methods in the Time of COVID-19" by Lee Humphreys, Professor of Communication, Cornell U. 

  • "Archiving Qualitative Research: A Workshop about the Qualitative Data Repository", Co-Sponsored with CISER

  • "Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Transdisciplinary Research" by Karim-Aly S. Kassam, International Professor of Environmental & Indigenous Studies, Cornell U. 


Lee Humphreys

Director of QuIRI and Professor of Communication, CALS

Lee Humphreys

483 Mann Building



Leadership Board

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To join the QuIRI e-list please send an email message with the subject line JOIN to: 

  • Looking to collaborate with a qualitative researcher?

    Many formative questions are best answered through qualitative research. In addition, funding agencies are seeking to build knowledge and new theory through interpretive data analysis. If your project would benefit from collaboration with a Cornell qualitative scholar Contact Us at We can assist with these connections.