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Funding & Programs

The CCSS catalyzes groundbreaking and ambitious social science research at Cornell. Since 2004: 

  • $ 75.5 M

    External Grant Dollars Seeded

  • 1,674

    Books and Publications Incubated

  • 436

    CCSS Grants Funded

  • 176

    Number of Faculty Fellows

  • Crowd at Dorothy Roberts' Lecture
  • Social Science Meeting

Computing & Data Services

Learn how Cornell (CCSS) supports social scientists with data access, analysis services, and more.

  • 300

    Secure Data Projects Per Year

  • 23K

    Public Opinion Surveys

  • 3,600

    CSCU Statistical Consulting Sessions Per Year

  • > 250 K

    Media Impressions

Find a Social Scientist

Looking for a collaborator, expert, or resource in the social sciences? Search the extensive database of our affiliates, all researchers at Cornell!

Don't see yourself listed? Affiliate with us today! Get money, find collaborators, and receive support by becoming a CCSS affiliate. 

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