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Research Incubation

The CCSS Incubation Hub catalyzes groundbreaking and ambitious social science research at Cornell. Since 2004: 

  • $ 637.5 M

    External Grant Dollars Seeded

  • 1,729

    Books and Other Publications Incubated

  • 436

    CCSS Grants Funded

  • 165

    Number of Faculty Fellows

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Research Support

Learn how Cornell (CCSS) supports social scientists with data access, analysis services, and more.

  • 300

    Secure Data Projects Per Year

  • 23K

    Public Opinion Surveys

  • 3,600

    CSCU Statistical Consulting Sessions Per Year

  • > 250 K

    Media Impressions

Become an Affiliate

Get money, find collaborators, and receive support by becoming a CCSS affiliate. 

Affiliates overlooking a field

Find a Social Scientist

Looking for a collaborator, expert, or resource in the social sciences?

Social Scientists
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