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Access Secure Data

For help with understanding security requirements for your project data, contact CCSS Secure Data Services

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Secure Data Services

When you need help understanding security requirements for your project data please contact CCSS Secure Data Services. We will work with you to identify the best option for securing your research data when access needs to be restricted due to personal identifiers or data provider restrictions.

Some of the informational points that might help with this process:

  • Are your research data Non-Confidential or Non-Restricted?
  • Do your data have identifiable characteristics (such as names or addresses)?
  • Did you need to agree to any terms or conditions to access or obtain the data?
  • Would you consider these data available for public access?

CCSS Secure Data Services will make recommendations for a data processing environment that is best suited for your data. We are here to help!

Please take a moment to checkout CCSS Secure Data Environments (below).

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