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CCSS Accelerated Research Fellows Program

Support for social scientists applying for multi-phase research grants.

  • CCSS Accelerated Research Fellows Program

The Cornell Center for Social Sciences is introducing the CCSS Accelerated Research Fellows Program to support social scientists applying for multi-phase research grants.

To promote research that influences societal-level changes at a rapid pace, funding opportunities increasingly follow a two-phased approach. After a “phase one” award, research teams have a short window to complete the proposed research and compete for an even more ambitious “phase two” of the project. Examples of two-phase funding opportunities include the NSF Convergence Accelerator and the NSF SBIR/STTR programs.

The Cornell Center for Social Sciences has developed the CCSS Accelerated Research Fellows Program to support Cornell researchers during their phase one research. This program is designed to help maximize the opportunities for a successful phase two proposal. As a CCSS Accelerated Research Fellow, faculty will receive one course buyout during their phase one year. A CCSS Accelerated Research Fellow will also receive up to $10,000 (per team) to support unanticipated costs during phase one. 

The CCSS Accelerated Research Fellows Program is highly competitive. Interested researchers should inquire about eligibility and apply prior to submitting their phase one proposal. Awarded fellowships will be conditional on phase one proposal acceptance and approval from their Department Chair and Dean.

To Apply

To start the application process, please email and note your targeted phased funding opportunity, your title, and your department. 

If eligible to move forward in the application process, you will be sent a link to a brief Qualtrics form that you will fill out when you send in your Phase 1 proposal to the funder. The form will ask you for the following:

  • One paragraph providing a brief overview of the project and how it fits with and/or benefits the social sciences at Cornell; 

  • One paragraph explaining how the course buyout will benefit phase one work and the phase two application;

  • An overview (if known) of the potential uses of the $10k in funding and why phase one of the grant does not cover these uses;

  • Your preferred semester for course release if approved by your chair and dean;

  • A copy of your phase one proposal.

The application deadline is rolling and is dependent on your phase one expected decision date. 


For questions, more information about eligible two-phase programs, or to begin the application process, please contact

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