SMALL GRANTS AWARDED 365 COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS 13 YEARS AT CORNELL 15 FACULTY FELLOWS 51 MISSON TheInstitutefortheSocialSciencesnurturesthecareersof Cornell’s social science faculty members by encouraging scholars to delve into interdisciplinary research collaborations addressing some of the world’s most complex challenges and disciplinary concerns. Through three signature programs—Collaborative Projects, Faculty Fellows, and Small Grants—the ISS encourages research, including quantitative, qualitative, and computational social science studies. We also advance interdisciplinary collaborations through forums, such as workshops and informal lunches, where research findings and methods are discussed and new research projects are cultivated. The ISS fosters systematic, evidence-based, and collaborative research studies addressing important disciplinary and public policy concerns. The organization recognizes the critical value of basic research in the social sciences and strives to cultivate world-class scholarship that contributes to our fundamental understanding of the social world. Consistent with Cornell’s mission as a land-grant institution, the ISS disseminates knowledge in service to the public good. OVERVIEW INSTITUTE THE