14 2014 AWARDEES Poppy McLeod and Alicia Orta-Ramirez published findings of their work, titled “Collective Efficacy, Teamwork Attitudes, and Experience Effects on Group Project Performance,” in the Journal of Food Science Education. Rebecca Slayton co-authored publications on computer security, infrastructure, and sociotechnical systems in Technology & Culture, Science and Public Policy, and Regulation & Governance. Sofia Villenas published “Pedagogies of Being With” in the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. 2015 AWARDEES Gustavo Flores-Macías’ 2015 conference, “The Political Economy of Taxation in Latin America,” resulted in an edited volume to be published by Cambridge University Press in August 2019. John Forester co-edited Reimagining Planning: How Italian Urban Planners Are Changing Planning Practices. Malte Jung, Steven Jackson, et al., co-wrote the paper titled, ”Operating at a Distance - How a Teleoperated Surgical Robot Reconfigures Teamwork in the Operating Room.” 2016 AWARDEES Rosemary Avery and Jeff Niederdeppe, et al., produced a 4-year RO1 proposal, “Direct and Indirect Effects of Direct-to- Consumer Advertising,” that was funded in May 2018. Ernesto Bassi’s research resulted in the publication of “The ‘Franklins of Colombia’: Immigration Schemes and Hemispheric Solidarity in the Making of a Civilized Colombian Nation” in the Journal of Latin American Studies. Sarah Wolfolds’ results from a small survey of micro- finance institutions in Latin America appeared in a paper that was awarded the Charles H. Levine Best Conference Paper from the Public and Nonprofit Division, of the Academy of Management. 2017 AWARDEES Brooke Erin Duffy and Cornell alum Becca Schwartz, CALS ’17, published “Digital ‘Women’s Work?’: Job Recruitment Ads and the Feminization of Social Media Employment” in the journal New Media & Society. Jamila Michener received The Emerging Poverty Scholars Fellowship from the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin. The fellowship application was based on research funded by the ISS. This program seeds research projects that then receive larger grants from government agencies or private foundations and result in publications. Kaitlin Woolley, Marketing, SC Johnson College of Business How Incentivizing Reviews Biases User-Generated Content Zhuan Pei, Policy Analysis and Management Christina Korting, Dyson School Jordan Matsudaira, Columbia University Teachers College Yi Shen, Statistics & Actuarial Science, U Waterloo Graphical Presentation in Regression Discontinuity Designs Jamie Perry, Management & Organizations, Hotel Administration Chekitan S. Dev, Marketing and Management Communication, Hotel Administration A Multimethod and Longitudinal Examination of Diversity and Firm Performance Sharon Sassler, Policy Analysis and Management Pre-Marital Cohabitation and Diverging Destinies: Gender & Class Differences in Life Trajectories and Family Formation Wendy Wolford, Development Sociology Andrew Ofstehage, Development Sociology Social Life of Land Workshop (Conference) Sergio Garcia-Rios, Government Beyond Pan-Ethnicity: A Survey Experiment to Understand the Role of National Identity, Xenophobic Attacks, and Public Policy Positions SMALL GRANTS PRIOR RESULTS