Saleh Kalantari, Design and Environmental Analysis Jose Luis Contreras-Vidal, Electrical and Computer Engineering Intelligent Cognitive Assistant for Promoting Human- Centered Design Through Biometric Data and Virtual Response Testing Chiara Formichi, Asian Studies The Status of Religious Pluralism in Indonesia (Conference) bethany ojalehto, Human Development Sonya Sachdeva, US Forest Service Cognitive Drivers of Environmental Decision Making: Mobilizing Indigenous Ecocentric Conceptual Perspectives in Diverse Contexts Thomas Gilovich, Psychology Why So Many People Find Informal Conversation So Stressful Despite Its Many Benefits David Pizarro, Psychology Rajen Anderson, Psychology The Positive Side of Morality: Cultural Influences on Judging Good People and Praiseworthy Acts Eva Steiner, Hotel Administration Murillo Campello, Johnson Graduate School of Management Andra Ghent, University of Wisconsin How do Firms Respond to Investment Opportunities? The Role of Cities David Strang, Sociology The Celebration of Lives and Collective Valuation: Textual Analysis of Obituaries Featured in the New York Times, 1851 to Present Alexandra Cirone, Government Pathways to Power: Multi-level Governance and Political Representation in Europe Durba Ghosh, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Melissa Ferguson, Psychology Workshop on Gender and Psychology (Conference) Kati Griffith, ILR Labor Relations, Law, & History Shannon Gleeson, ILR Labor Relations, Law, & History Immigration Status at Work Valerie Hans, Law A New Jury System at Work Prediction in Practice: Understanding High-Stakes Human Encounters with Artificial Intelligence (Conference) Karen Levy, Information Science Solon Barocas, Information Science Margarita Tsoutsoura, SC Johnson College of Business Maria-Teresa Marchica, University of Manchester Elena Simintzi, University of North Carolina The Real Effects of Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting of Firms: Evidence from the 2017 Reform in the UK Spring 2019 Adam Anderson, Human Development Geoffrey Fisher, Dyson School of Applied Economics Neural and Behavioral Differences in Initiation and Perseverance in Effortful Behavior Marya Besharov, Organizational Behavior Bjoern Mitzinneck, University of Groningen Creating Change from Within or Building an Alternative? The Role of Intermediaries in Developing Local Food Systems Abigail Cohn, Linguistics, Southeast Asian Studies Gregory Green, Echols Collection on Southeast Asia Sixth International Conference on Lao Studies (Conference) Always Available, Always Attached: The Benefits and Risks of Mobile and Social Media Use in Close Relationships Natalie Bazarova, Communication Samuel Taylor, Communication Linda Shi, City and Regional Planning Jennifer Minner, City and Regional Planning Surging Seas, Rising Fiscal Stress: A Study of U.S. Fiscal Vulnerability and Policy Response to Climate Change Brian Dillon, Dyson School of Applied Economics Network Expansion and Enterprise Growth in Tanzania Ricardo Daziano, Civil and Environmental Engineering So-Yeon Yoon, Design and Environmental Analysis Immersive Discrete Choice Experiments for the Analysis of Time Perceptions in Crowded Environments Suzanne Lanyi Charles, City and Regional Planning A Social Network Analysis of House Flipping 13 In the fall of 2018, the ISS small grants program funded 12 Cornell faculty research projects and three conferences. In the spring of 2019, 10 research projects and two conferences were awarded funding. The average award was $5,912 in the fall and $7,667 in the spring. Fall 2018