Levon Barseghyan received a $395,982 NSF grant for “An Empirical Model of Limited Consideration: Robust Inference for Risk Preferences.” Natalie Bazarova was awarded a grant from The James and Rebecca Morgan Fund for “Leveraging Social Media TestDrive and Digital Citizenship Curriculum for Kids and Schools.” In addition, Bazarova wrote numerous publications on topics like communication styles, social media, cyberbullying, and social responses to health issues. Erin York Cornwell was principal Investigator on a $50,132 Cornell Center for the Study of Inequality Faculty Research Grant for “Neighborhood Context and Health Inequalities in Later Life” and received a Robert and Helen Appel Fellowship for Humanists and Social Scientists from Cornell University. Eli Friedman published “Just-in-Time Urbanization? Managing Migration, Citizenship, and Schooling in the Chinese City” in Critical Sociology and co-authored a piece on working conditions in China’s Sanitation Sector. Kurt Jordan authored chapters on Seneca Iroquois settlement patterns and political economy. Adam Levine co-wrote “Political Issues, Evidence, and Citizen Engagement: The Case of Unequal Access to Affordable Health Care” in The Journal of Politics and “Loss-Framed Arguments Can Stifle Political Activism” in the Journal of Experimental Political Science. Along with another former ISS fellow, Michael Manville, he co-wrote “What Motivates Public Support for Public Transit?” in Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice. Jane Mendle co-authored “Understanding Puberty and Its Measurement: Ideas for Research in a New Generation” in the Journal of Research on Adolescence. Additionally, Mendle’s collaborative research on connectivity between frontal and sensory cortex was included in NeuroImage. Laura Tach received a William T. Grant Foundation Institutional Challenge Grant in the amount of $650,000 for “Protecting Vulnerable Families and Children in the Crosshairs of the Opioid Epidemic: A Research-Practice Partnership in Upstate NY.” Tach also co-wrote articles on the racial composition of neighborhoods and local schools, and the affordable housing crisis. Connie Yuan, the 2019 Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Kathy Berggren Diversity and Inclusion Award winner, co-authored works on intercultural collaboration, turn equity and communication medium, and expertise judgment in both computer-mediated and face- to-face groups. 12 2015-2016 COHORT OUTCOMES