11 FELLOWS FACULTY 2018-2019 COHORT Each fellow receives $10k for research as well as partial relief from teaching and major administrative responsibilities. $10K GRANT $ Each cohort of 10-15 faculty meet weekly for informal lunches to discuss their research and professional development. 51 FACULTY This in-residence program nurtures Cornell’s exceptionally promising social science faculty early in their careers. PURPOSE The ISS has hosted four cohorts: 2008-09 2012-13 2015-16 2018-19 EST. 2008 Thus far, fellows have spanned 21 departments and seven colleges and schools providing an interdisciplinary environment of intellectual exchange. A DIVERSE PROGRAM “An ISS fellowship offers exactly what junior faculty need most: time, space, resources, and community. The support and invest- ment in the fellows made it easy to be productive and creative. Being at ISS is easily one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had at Cornell.” Jane Mendle Human Development BENEFITS The four cohorts have collectively garnered close to $38 million in external funding, in addition to numerous publications and awards. OUTCOMES ISS FACULTY FELLOWS SNAPSHOT