Diane Burton was appointed to a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine committee that will study the role of inducement prizes in the American innovation process. This committee is working under the National Academies Board on Science, Technology and Economic Policy. Melissa Ferguson co-authored works on implicit impressions, gender, and using someone’s first or last name, and as well as a new paper, “Decisional Conflict Predicts Impatience,” which appeared in the Journal for the Association of Consumer Research. Michael Roach received the Best Conference Paper award from the 2018 Academy of Management Special Conference for a presentation on the challenges of scaling up start-ups and coping with organizational challenges in a volatile business environment. Aija Leiponen also examined organizational issues in her co-written piece on transparency and power in firm ownership networks. In addition, Leiponen researched patent licensing business models. “Debt and Corporate Governance” and “The Nonprime Mortgage Crisis and Positive Feedback Lending” were topics covered by Charles Whitehead. Richard Swedberg published in multiple journals including a piece in Sociological Methods & Research titled, “Does Speculation Have a Place in Social Science Research?” Along with three other researchers, Wesley Sine was featured in Advances in Strategic Management. Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: 2013-16 Peter Enns, project leader, received a $91,300 grant from Charles Koch Foundation for his research on state crime rates. Anna Haskins was awarded $350,000 from the William T. Grant Foundation and $70,000 from the NAEd/Spencer Foundation for her project, “School Engagement and Avoidance among System-Involved Parents with Young Children.” The Mass Incarceration Project produced many articles on the criminal justice system this past year. Recent pieces include “What Percentage of Americans Have Ever Had a Family Member Incarcerated?: Evidence from the Family History of Incarceration Survey” (Peter Enns, Christopher Wildeman, et al.), “Casualties of Context? Risk of Cognitive, Behavioral and Physical Health Difficulties among Children Living in High-Incarceration Neighborhoods” (Anna Haskins and Erin McCauley), and “Conditions of Confinement in American Prisons and Jails” (Christopher Wildeman, Maria Fitzpatrick, and Alyssa Goldman). The Causes, Consequences, and Future of Mass Incarceration in the United States: 2015-18 Filiz Garip and project leaders Shannon Gleeson and Matthew Hall edited and co-wrote the introduction to a special issue in the American Behavioral Scientist, “How the State Criminalizes Immigrants and to What Effect: A Multidisciplinary Account.” Gleeson along with co-authors wrote several articles on immigrant civil society, touching on themes including funding, philanthropic investments, union organizing, and coalition building. Hall and co-authors published new work on the links between legal status and job mobility, household arrangements, and child development, along with work on immigration enforcement and deportations. Kate Griffith and Shannon Gleeson, et al., edited and wrote the introduction to a special issue in the ILR Review, entitled, “Impact of Immigrant Legalization Initiatives: International Perspectives on Immigration and the World of Work.” Deportation Relief: 2015-18 Running for three years, ISS collaborative projects encourage interdisciplinary research collaborations on timely social science topics. In 2018-2019, past project members secured grants, published research findings, and earned recognition — all seeded with initial ISS support. 2004-2018 PRIOR PROJECTS: RESULTS 9 2012-15 Contested Global Landscapes: Property Governance, Economy, and Livelihoods on the Ground 2010-13 Immigration: Settlement, Integration, and Membership 2009-12 Judgment, Decision Making, and Social Behavior 2008-11 Persistent Poverty and Upward Mobility 2006-09 Contentious Knowledge: Science, Social Science, and Social Movements 2005-08 Getting Connected: Social Science in the Age of Networks 2004-07 The Evolving Family: Family Processes, Contexts, and the Life Course of Children