Valerie Reyna

Valerie Reyna is Professor of Human Development and Psychology at Cornell University, Director of the Human Neuroscience Institute, Co-Director of the Cornell University Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility, and a Co-Director of the Center for Behavioral Economics and Decision Research. She is a developer of fuzzy-trace theory, a model of the relation between mental representations and decision making that has been widely applied in law, medicine, and public health. Reyna has been a leader in using memory principles such as accessibility and mathematical models of memory to explain judgment and decision making. Among her theoretical proposals, she is particularly well known for a model of intuition that places it at the apex of judgment and decision making, rather than treating it as developmentally primitive process. She also helped to initiate what is now a burgeoning area of research on developmental differences in judgment and decision making. Her recent work in this area has focused on rationality and risky decision making, particularly risk taking in adolescence. She has also extended fuzzy-trace theory to risk perception, numeracy, and dual processes in medical decision making by both physicians and patients. She has been President of the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, is a fellow of numerous scientific societies, and serves on advisory panels for the National Science Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences.

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Department Office:
B44 Martha Van
Cornell University
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