Stephen L. Morgan

Stephen L. Morgan, is the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Education at Johns Hopkins University, received his Ph.D. in sociology from Harvard University in 2000.  His empirical research has focused on social inequality and education in the U.S., the most important piece of which is a book published by Stanford University Press in 2005, On the Edge of Commitment: Educational Attainment and Race in the United States.  As Director of the Center for the Study of Inequality, he edited  (along with David Grusky and Gary Fields) a volume, Mobility and Inequality: Frontiers of Research from Sociology and Economics, published by Stanford University Press in 2006, based on conference papers presented at Cornell in prior years.  Most recently, he has written a book with Christopher Winship, entitled Counterfactuals and Causal Inference: Methods and Principles for Social Research, which was published by Cambridge University Press in 2007.  With expertise in both empirical research and social science methodology, Morgan helped to focus the domestic agenda of the ISS theme project and coordinated the seminars on causal inference and policy evaluation.  In order to foster a link between the ISS theme project and undergraduate education, he restructured the  2009-10 iteration of the course Controversies About Inequality that serves as the core course of Cornell’s Inequality Concentration.