Learning from Creation NarrativesDamon Phillips, Business Strategy, Columbia Business School

Towards a Dialetics of CreativityAndreas Glaeser, Sociology, University of Chicago

devices of writing – how to catch them?, Franck Leibovici, Artist, Paris

Experience with Artists/Experiences with Social Scientists, Howard S. Becker, Sociologist

Social Science as Bricolage: Connection, Improvisation and Recycling, Mabel Berezin, Sociology, Cornell

Learning and Collaboration Across the Art/Social Science Divide, Steven Jackson, Information Science, Cornell, and Taezoo Park, Interactive Media Artist and Artist-in-Residence, Lower East Side Ecology Center, New York, New York

Fusion, Counterpoint, Transposition, Susan Ossman, Anthropology, UC Riverside

Wrestling Rhinoceros Beetles, Cross Dressing Buildings and other Adventures in BiodiverCity (aka Mutualistic Systems Design), Natalie Jeremijenko, Art and Art Education, New York University