Social/Moral Preferences & Behavior

Monday, June 7, 2010
9:15 a.m.-5:15 p.m.
225 ILR Conference Center

This workshop will bring together scholars at Cornell who are interested in the topic of how human behavior is shaped by social preferences (i.e., a concern for others’ outcomes) and by social pressures (i.e., hard and soft constraints imposed by others). The goal is to bring together people from different disciplines, to have people describe their approaches to this topic, and to discuss ways in which people might collaborate to merge these approaches into something truly novel. Each speaker will be encouraged to lay out some of the major questions that motivate their research and the broader literature in which they lie, to describe their approach to addressing these questions, and to perhaps illustrate by briefly discussing some specific pieces of research.


Dan Benjamin, Economics
David Dunning, Psychology
Ori Heffetz, Johnson School
Ed Lawler, Organizational Behavior & Sociology
David Pizarro, Psychology
Vivian Zayas, Psychology


Sponsor: ISS Judgment, Decision Making & Social Behavior Theme Project
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225 ILR Conference Center
Directions: ILR Conference Center 
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