Collaborative Projects

The ISS will be conducting a search for a collaborative project in the winter of 2019 for the term of 2019-22. See the Call for Collaborative Projects

Collaborative Projects: Comprised of 4-5 tenure-line Cornell faculty, collaborative projects conduct research on cutting edge and significant social science issues or topics. Priority is given to “shovel ready” projects that build bridges between researchers across the university.

Prior to 2016, the ISS supported Theme Projects, but the name was changed to Collaborative Projects to emphasize ISS’ interest in projects that are interdisciplinary or include members from multiple colleges on campus.

Eligibility: The lead principal investigator must be a Cornell social science faculty member. Project members may include other social science faculty at Cornell as well as Cornell faculty from outside traditional social science disciplines, such as the physical sciences, life sciences, and information sciences.

Award:  Project funding is provided for three years. Project members are in residence at the ISS during the second year.


2018-2021, Algorithms, Big Data, and Inequality
Pro-Social Behaviors in the Digital Age
China’s Cities: Divisions and Plans
The Causes, Consequences, and Future of Mass Incarceration in the United States
2015-2018, Deportation Relief
2013-2016, Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
2012-2015, Contested Global Landscapes: Property, Governance, Economy and Livelihoods on the Ground
2010-2013, Immigration: Settlement, Integration and Membership
2009-2012, Judgment, Decision Making, and Social Behavior
2008-2011, Persistent Poverty and Upward Mobility
2006-2009, Contentious Knowledge: Science, Social Science and Social Movements
2005-2008, Getting Connected: Social Science in the Age of Networks
2004-2007, The Evolving Family: Family Processes, Contexts, and the Life Course of Children