Poverty Press Coverage

To Beat Hunger, Shift from Food Quantity to Diet Quality (November 24, 2015)

Depleted Soil Locks Farmers in Trap of Urban of Ultra Poverty (November 23, 2015)

Poverty Team Leader Chris Barrett Testifies Before Congress (October 8, 2015)

Report Shows that Different Races Still Do Not Live Near Each Other (July 30, 2015) See also an article in the Chronicle on Dan Lichter’s work.

Newborn in the USA, Well Behind the Starting Line (May 11, 2015)

Panelists Address Cornell’s Role in Reducing Poverty
(April 26, 2015)

Three ISS Fellows Help Expectant Moms (February 2015)

Animal Insurance Brightens Up Pastoralists’ Lives (January 2015)

Understanding the Agricultural Input Landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa (January 2015)

Understanding the Agricultural Input Landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa (September 2014)

Politics and MNREGA: A Limited Link in Andhra Pradesh (November 2014)

Malawi’s Subsidy Splurge (October 2014)

Govt Aims Cong Gun at NREGA (October 2014)

Hunger Pains: U.S. Food Program Struggles to Move Forward (September 2014)

Satellite Surveys in Kenya (September 2014)

Why Food Prices Scaled the Peaks — and Why It Matters (September 2014)

Multiple Crises Overwhelm Emergency Food Relief Agencies (August 2014)

Global Hunger (August 2014)

Dyson School is No. 2 Undergraduate Business Program (July 2014)

Food Fight: Coast Guard Bill Could Limit Aid to Hungry (June 2014)

Meat, Produce, Dairy Prices On The Rise While Processed Foods, Grain Prices Remain Stable (May 2014)

Cornell Gets $543,000 to Help Farmers (May 2014)

Highway Robbery on the High Seas (May 2014)

White House Warns Bill Would Crimp Foreign Food Aid (April 2014)

Kenya’s Drought Insurance Helps Islamic herders (April 2014)

The Political Economy Cycle in India (April 2014)

Kenyan Farmers: Insure My Cows (April 2014)

Kenyan Herders Experience Drought with Less Devastation (April 2014)

New US Farm Bill Provides Hope for Food Aid Reform (April 2014)

Kenya’s Sharia-Friendly Livestock Insurance (April 2014)

Dyson Again Ranked No. 3 by Bloomberg Businessweek (April 2014)

Dyson Business Program Ranked Third Nationally (April 2014)

Persistent Poverty in Africa: Why and How You Can Help (video) (April 2014)

Kenya’s Drought Insurance Scheme Shelters Herders From Financial Storm (April 2014)

Undergraduate Business School Rankings (April 2014)

Space Tech Provides Africa’s First Islamic Insurance for Herders (April 2014)

Takaful, ILRI Payout ‘Sharia-Compliant’ Insurance to Drought-Suffering Livestock Herders in Wajir (March 2014)

Pastoralists Bank on Index Insurance to Reduce Losses (March 2014)

New Insurance Scheme Protects Kenyan Farmers (video) (March 2014)

Africa’s First ‘Islamic-Compliant’ Livestock Insurance Pays 100 Herders in Kenya’s Remote Drylands of Wajir For Drought-Related Livestock Losses” (March 2014)

Working Toward a Brighter Future: Can Public Works Programs Help End Extreme Poverty? (March 2014)

New Journal Speeds Access to Sociology Research (March 2014)

Satellite Data Predicts Livestock Deaths From Drought – Index-Based Livestock Insurance Project (IBLI) in Ethiopia (February 2014)

Despite Tug-of-War, USAID Gains Leeway on Food Aid (February 2014)

Optimists, Including ISS’ Poverty Project Affiliates, Tackle Food Security (September 2013)

Research Results of Food Systems and Poverty Reduction Program Led by ISS’ Poverty Team Leader (September 2013)

ISS’ Poverty Faculty and Affiliates Focus on Food Security in a Vulnerable World (September 2013)

Chris Barrett, ISS’ Poverty Project’s Team Leader, to Direct Dyson School (September 2013)

ISS’ Poverty Project’s Leader Edits Book Linking Food Security to Political Stability (November 2013)

Book by Prof. van de Walle, ISS’ Poverty Faculty Fellow Explores Role of Foreign Aid in Africa (November 2013)

ISS’ Faculty Fellows Find Gender Gap in Stem Majors Linked to High School Job Plans (May 2013)

Matsudaira Named to White House Council of Economic Advisers (June 2013)

MLK Speaker: Leadership and Education Save Lives (February 2013)

Put Children Above Politics, Urges Michelle Rhee ’92 (February 2013)

Students Spend 10 Days in Ghana Hearing Women’s Concerns, Hopes (February 2013)

Genetics-Poverty Link Questioned (February 2013)

Flap Over Study Linking Poverty to Biology Exposes Gulfs Among Disciplines (February 2013)

Experts Lament Fragmented U.S Political System (June 2013)

Orphans Benefit from Barrett Keene’s Walk Across America (December 2012)

Free Online Nutrition Course Attracts More than 3,800 Global Participants (December 2012)

Dobyns, Promoting Peace in the Developing World Through Entrepreneurship, Named Rhodes Scholar (November 2012)

Study: Health Insurance Should Be Included in Measures of Poverty and Income (November 2012)

Gates Foundation Funds Research to Improve Health in Developing Countries (November 2012)

Alumni Leaders Advise Students at Human Ecology Forum (November 2012)

ISS’ Faculty Fellow, Stephen Morgan, Finds Comparing U.S. Education to Others Can Backfire(October 2012)

Business Students Build Leadership Skills on Trip to Haiti (October 2012)

Economists Discuss Policies & Recession on Eve Of Election (October 2012)

Hallock Demystifies Pay in Book on Compensation (October 2012)

Poor Kids Twice as Likely to Suffer from Arthritis & Hypertension in Adulthood (October 2012)

Researchers Test How School Gardens Foster Healthful Habits (October 2012)
Notaro Edits Volume on Disparities in Health & Health Care Based on Race, Class and Gender (October 2012)

Lecture Explores Inequalities in American Democracy (October 2012)

Iscol Speakers Say Cell Phones & Texting Saves Lives Abroad (October 2012)

Rhodes Professor to Students: Become True ‘Global Citizens’ (October 2012)

Glover Urges Students to Be ‘Architects’ of Their Own ‘Rescue’ (October 2012)

New Program Takes on America’s Crumbling Infrastructure (October 2012)

ISS’ Affiliate, Kaushik Basu, Appointed World Bank’s Chief Economist (September 2012)

ISS’ Poverty Team Leader and Other CALS Staff Honored for Achievement (November 2011)

Insurance Program, Developed by ISS’ Poverty Affiliates, Makes its First Payouts to African Livestock Farmers (November 2011)

ISS’ Poverty Fellow Studies Costs of the Boom-Bust Cycle in Natural Gas Extraction (September 2011)

ISS Poverty Team Leader and Affiliate Edit Series on How to Cut Poverty But Preserve Wildlife (August 2011)

Poverty Team Leader and Affiliates Argue Food Price Spikes and Volatility Are Not the Same Issue (July 2011)

Poverty Affiliate Researchers Study How to Support the Transition to Adulthood in Latin America (February 2011)

Dan Lichter, Poverty Team Member, Ponders Intermarriage Trends in Online Chat (May 2010)

Project Looks to Lift Latin American Youths Out of Poverty, Project Spearheaded by Team Affiliates (April 2010)

Researchers Send Texts to Help Pregnant Women Manage Weight, Team Member and Colleagues Begin Study (February 2010)

Team Leader, Barrett, Calls for Global Data on World’s Underfed (February 2010)

Launch of IBLI (Index-Based Livestock Insurance) (January 2010)

Half of U.S. Children — and Most Black Children — Will Use Food Stamps, Cornell Study Reports (November 2009)

Poverty Affiliate, Basu, Appointed a Chief Economic Adviser to India (November 2009)

Elinor Ostrom: Collective Action and the Commons: What Have We Learned? (September 2009)

Poverty Researchers Kick Off Three-Year Collaboration (May 2009)

Christine Olson: Hunger and Food Insecurity in The Us (April 2009)

$3.2 Million NSF Grant Trains Grad Students to Tackle Food Systems and Poverty Problems (August 2009)

Seminar on Inequality Focuses on Developing World (November 2008)

Poverty Affiliate Teaches Social Sciences Class in Inequality for Alumni (June 2008)

Poverty Team Member Addresses African Issues at U.N. Meeting (May 2008)

Team Leader Named Associate Director of Cornell Center for A Sustainable Future (May 2008)

Persistent Poverty Is Focus of Latest ISS’ Theme Project (April 2008)

Team Affiliate Receives One of India’s Highest Honors (February 2008)

Economist, Chris Barrett, Asserts That Markets Can Pull Billions of People Permanently Out of Poverty (November 2007)