Postdoctoral Social Scientists’ Working Group

​This interdisciplinary group for postdoctoral social scientists is cosponsored by the Institute for the Social SciencesCornell Population CenterCenter for the Study of Inequality and the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research. To join the working group, please contact and provide your center/department sponsor, project title, and mentor’s name and department.

This group fosters the development of work in progress and research collaborations through monthly lunch meetings. Patrick Ishizuka is the group organizer and can answer questions about meetings and scheduling. The meetings are held in different rooms in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall or the Human Ecology Building. See directions to MVR or Human Ecology rooms.

The postdoctoral group also sponsors an open session writing group that meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-1pm in MVR 1428. For more information on the writing group, contact Cassandra Robertson.

Asad Asad
Center for the Study of Inequality, 352 Uris Hall
How Noncitizens Perceive the Risk of Deportation
Mentor: Filiz Garip, Sociology
Vivekinan L. Ashok
Government, 301 White Hall
Interpreting Public Opinion
Mentor: Peter Enns, Government
Erica Boothby
People’s Understanding of the Impact they Have on Others
Mentor: Tom Gilovich, Psychology
Nicolas Bottan
Policy Analysis and Management, 435A Kennedy Hall
Mentor: Michael Lovenheim, PAM
Kristen Carter Elmore
Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, Beebe Hall
Program for Research on Youth Development and Engagement
Mentor: Anthony Burrow, Human Development
Yoon Choi
Social Media TestDrive
Mentors: Natalie Bazarova, Communication, and Janis Whitlock, BCTR
Jessica Cooper
Anthropology and Law, 161 McGraw Hall
Unaccountable: Surreal Life in California’s Mental Health Courts
Mentor: Andrew Wilford, Anthropology
Luisa Cortesi
Science and Technology Studies and Anthropology
Living in Dangerous Waters: Environmental Knowledge and Technologies in Flooded North Bihar, India
Mentor: Rachel Prentice, Science and Technology Studies
Elizabeth Day
Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, 35 Thornwood Hall
Project 2Gen
Mentors: Rachel Dunifon, PAM, and Laura Tach, PAM

Dominic DiFranzo 
Communication, 491 Mann Library
Prosocial Design for Social Media
Mentor: Natalie Bazarova, Communication
Frank Edwards
Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, Beebe Hall
National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect
Mentor: Chris Wildeman, PAM
Melissa Fletcher Pirkey
Sociology, Uris Hall 323

Laura Giurge
SC Johnson Graduate School of Management, 302 Sage Hall
Ethics, Power, and Time
Hope Harvey
Policy Analysis and Management, 1302 MVR Hall
Family and Household Complexity
Mentors: Rachel Dunifon, PAM, and Laura Tach, PAM
Patrick Ishizuka
Cornell Population Center, 293 MVR Hall
Work, Family, and Gender Inequality
Mentor: Kelly Musick, PAM
James Krueger
Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future
Legal Pluralism, Pesticide Use, and Sustainable Horticulture in East Africa
Mentors: Gerald Torres, Law, and Marina Welker, Anthropology
Rick Moore

Active Learning Initiative, 382 Uris Hall
Mentor: Vida Maralani, Sociology
Kelly Nielsen
Sociology, 366 Uris Hall
Mentor: Vida Maralani, Sociology
Natasha Raheja
Anthropology, 261 McGraw Hall
Visual Anthropology, Infrastructure, Bureaucracy, Governance, Migration
Cassandra Robertson
Cornell Population Center
Cara Rock-Singer
Jewish Studies and Science and Technology Studies

Gestating Judaism: The Corpuses and Corporalities of American Jewish Feminisms, 323B Morrill Hall
Mentor: Jonathan Boyarin, Jewish Studies