Networks Press Coverage

Michael Macy Leads Social Dynamics Laboratory (May/June 2017)

Jon Kleinberg to Lecture on Digital Connectedness (April 6, 2016)

John Abowd to Lead U.S. Censure Bureau Research (December 10, 2015)

Addicted to Facebook? Study Explains Why (December 10, 2015

Computational Social Science Donference Set for Sept. 11-12 (September 2, 2015)

Kleinberg to Receive Allen Newell Award (April 29, 2015)

How ‘Six Degrees’ can Connect the World – and Scientists (April 26, 2015)

Three ISS Fellows Help Expectant Moms (February 24, 2014)

Statisticians To Honor Census Scientist John Abowd  (June 17, 2014)

ISS’ Networks Team Leader, Michael Macy, Presents Paper on Global Communications and the Mesh of Civilizations (February 17, 2014)

Jon Kleinberg Receives Technion’s Harvey Prize (February 14, 2014)

Facebook Tells the Computer Who You Love (February 12, 2014)

Networks Course, Originating in ISS’ Project, Part of 2014 MOOC Offerings (October 2013)

Computer Scientist Lillian Lee Named AAAI Fellow (August 2013)

Data Analysis Changes Everything – Even Soccer (August 2013)

Kleinberg Receives ACM Data Mining Award (July 2013)

Fleeing Facebook: Study Examines Why Users Quit (April 2013)

Student’s Research Could Shake Up Wall Street (March 2013)

Patterns Prompt Us to Recall The Social Webs We Weave (March 2013)

‘Six Pretty Good Books’ Will Become a Cornell MOOC (March 2013)

Mobile Phones Can Make Us Healthier, Researcher Tells AAAS Audience (February 2013)

For Honest Voting, Write a Message The ‘Man In The Middle’ Can’t Intercept (December 2012)

Free Online Nutrition Course Attracts More Than 3,800 Global Participants (December 2012)

Hospitality Expert Urges Hoteliers to Invest in Social Media (November 2012)

Word Choices on Political Issues Reveal Ways of Thinking (November 2012)

ISS’ Networks Faculty Fellow, David Easley, Sits on Pannel for Discussion: Are There MOOCs in Cornell’s Future? (October 2012)

Google’s Schmidt: Students Will Provide Pulse, Heart of Technology’s Future (October 2012)

What Makes Us Remember a Movie Line? (May, 2012)

Speakers Echo Language Style Of Superiors, Especially if They Need Something (April 2012)

To Convince People, Come At Them From Different Angles, Finds Networks Team Member Jon Kleinberg (April 2012)

NSF Grant Funds ILR Research to Unlock U.S. Census Data, Led by ISS’ Networks Team Member John Abowd (October 2011)

ISS Networks Affiliate and Team Member Finds Tweets Reveals Mood Patterns Worldwide(September 2011)

What Social Media Can Teach Us About Ourselves (July 2011

Google Backs Research to Improve Social Networks (February 2011)

Mathematical Model Shows How Groups Split into Factions (January 2011)

ISS Networks Team Member Finds Geotagging Reveals Not Only Where You Are, but Also People You Might Know (December 2010)

ISS Networks Team Members Publish Landmark Textbook (December 2010)

Networks Team Members Awarded NSF Grant (January 2009)

Cornell Computer Scientist Jon Kleinberg Named One Oof DISCOVER Magazine’s ’20 Best Brains Under 40′ (November 2008)

How Did That Chain Letter Get to My Inbox? (May 2008)

With Hundreds of Degrees Of Separation, The Internet Doesn’t Always Resemble a ‘Small World’, Finds Networks Team Member (April 2008)

Cornell’s Computer Scientists Help Invent a New Web Filter, “Top Of Mind,” To Track and Assess Opinions Online, Headed Up by Networks Affiliate (February 2008)

But Who Will Bail Out Wobbly Second Life Loans? (February 2008)

Jon Kleinberg Elected to the National Academy of Engineering, Along with Four Other CU Alumni(February 2008)

Business Students Get a ‘Second Life’ in First ‘Metanomics’ Course (October 2007)

Smithsonian Names Jon Kleinberg a Top U.S. Young Innovator (October 2007)

Networks Affiliate Comments on Closing of Second Life Bank (August 2007)

Networks Affiliate, Robert Bloomfield, Looks to Online Worlds to Shed New Light On Old Economic Questions (July 2007)

Networks Affiliate, Eva Tardos, Named Schurman Professors (July 2007)

Networks Team Members & Affiliates Receive Grant (December 2006)

Computing 2006: What Won’t Be Possible? (October 2006)

With Homeland Security Grant, Networks Affiliate Seeks to Sort Facts From Opinions (September 2006)

Jon Kleinberg Receives International Math Prize (August 2006)

Internet Data Streaming into Cornell Will Provide New Insights into Social Networks (May 2006)

Networks Team Member Awarded New Professorship Named For Cornell Student Who Died in the Pam Am 103 Lockerbie Bombing (December 2005)