Networks External Funding & Awards

The ISS Judgment Project’s faculty fellows have been awarded over $31,102,172 (as of May, 2018) in funding and fellowship awards since the start of their project’s term. This funding includes external awards of $31,090,172 and internal awards of $12,000.


Michael Macy, Co-PI. DARPA Ground Truth Program, 2018, $800,000.


John Abowd. Julius Shiskin Award, Business and Economic Statistics Section, American Statistical Association, 2016.

Michael Macy, PI, “Collective Identity and Collective Behavior,” NGS2, 2016-2018, $92,889.

Michael Macy, PI, “Doctoral Dissertation Research (Fedor Dokshin): Public Beliefs and Responses to Industrial Sites,” National Science Foundation SES-1602248, 2016, $15,000.


Abowd, John. Associate Director for Research and Methodology and Chief Scientist, U.S. Census Bureau, Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) with Cornell University, June 1, 2015—May 31, 2018 (anticipated continuation to May 31, 2020).

Abowd, John. Research and Methodology Support Services, U.S. Census Bureau contract with Cornell University, June 1, 2015—May 31, 2016, $268,897.

Abowd, John. The Economics of Socially Efficient Privacy and Confidentiality Management for Statistical Agencies, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awarded to Cornell University, April 1, 2015—March 31, 2018, $535,970. (Co-PIs Lars Vilhuber and Ian Schmutte)

Michael, Macy. ” Doctoral Dissertation Research (Patrick Park) The Strength of Long Ties,” National Science Foundation, 2015-2016,  $15,000.


Abowd, John. RCN: Coordination of the NSF-Census Research Network, National Science Foundation SES 1237602 awarded to the National Institute of Statistical Sciences, July 15, 2012—June 30, 2017, transferred to Cornell University, September 2014, $748,577. (PI Lars Vilhuber, other co-PIs Alan Karr, Jerome Reiter).

Geri Gay. Co-PI, “Nutriphone: A Nanoparticle-based Optical Contrast Assay to Monitor Vitamin and Micro-nutrient Levels Using Smartphones,” National Science Foundation, 2014-2017, $699,899.

Geri Gay. PI, “Small: Non-Use as a Transformative Lens for Understanding Social Technology,” National Science Foundation, 2014-2017, $499,860.

Michael Macy. PI, “Tracking Critical Mass Outbreaks in Social Contagions,” MINERVA, 2014-2017, $2,084,002.

Michael Macy. PI, “Doctoral Dissertation Research (Yongren Shi): A Study of Opinion Polarization Using Amazon Book Data,” National Science Foundation SES-1303533, 2014-2016, $15,000.

Michael Macy. PI,  “A New Infrastructure for Monitoring Social Class Networks,” National Science Foundation SES-1357488, 2014, $116,924.


Geri Gay. Co-PI, “Novel Techniques for Patientcentric Disease Management Using Automatically Inferred Behavioral Biomarkers and Sensorsupported Contextual Selfreport,” National Science Foundation, 2013-2017, $1,976,976.

Geri Gay. Co-PI, “Supporting Individuals with Bipolar Disorder to Establish Stable and Regular Daily Routines,” Bronfenbrenner Translational Science Award, 2013, $12,000.

Geri Gay. Co-PI, “Sentiment Design,” Intel, 2013, $50,000.

Michael Macy. PI, ” Dissertation Research: Generalized Reciprocity: Understanding the Social Contagion of Altruistic Behavior,” National Science Foundation, 2013-2015, $11,998.

Michael Macy. PI, “Generalized Reciprocity,” National Science Foundation SES 1260348, 2013, $115,412.

Michael Macy. PI, “Doctoral Dissertation Research (Milena Tsvetkova): The Social Contagion of Generosity,” National Science Foundation SES-1303526, 2013, $15,000.


Michael Macy. PI, “Empires of Fortune,” Department of Defense, Subcontract Award, 2012-2013, $30,000.

Michael Macy. PI, ʺComparative Network Analysis: Mapping Global Network Structure,” National Science Foundation, 2012-2014, $435,000.


Geri Gay.  PI. “Collaborative Research: Improving Online Political Deliberation with Computational Supports for Frame Reflection,” National Science Foundation, 2011-2014, $467,019.

Geri Gay. Co-PI. “Issues Around Social Networks and the Relevance to Google,” Google, 2011, $800,000.

Geri Gay. Co-PI. “Identification of P. Investans Genes That Can Be Used to Help Improve Late Potato Blight Resistance,” USDA/AFRI, 2011-2016, $1,842,857.

John Abowd (PI), William Block, Ping Li, and Lars Vilhuber. “Cornell NSF-Census Research Node: Integrated Research Support, Training and Data Documentation,” National Science Foundation, 2011-2016, $2,999,614.

John Abowd, Margaret Levenstein (PI), Matthew Shapiro, Kristin McCue and David Weir. “A Census-Enhanced Health and Retirement Study: A Proposal to Create and Analyze an HRS Dataset Enhanced with Characteristics of Employers,” Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, 2011-2014, $349,608.

Michael Macy. Research Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University, 2011-2012.

Michael Macy and J. Kleinberg (PI) and six other faculty at Cornell.  Google Research Grant to Advance Understanding of Social Networks, 2011-2012, $800,000.


Geri Gay. “Mobile Health: Inducing Healthy Behavior and Positive Affect in Large Scale Social Networks,” Google, 2010, $85,000.

Geri Gay. Co-PI. “VOSS: Awareness in the Initiation and Sustenance of Research-Oriented Virtual Organizations,” National Science Foundation, 2010-2013, $147,766.

Geri Gay. Co-PI. “VOSS: Design Collaborations as Sociotechnical Systems,” 2010, $388,562.

John Abowd with Johannes Gehrke, Gerome Miklau, and Jerome Reiter. “Practical Privacy: Metrics and Methods for Protecting Record-level and Relational Data,” National Science Foundation Grant TC 1012593 awarded to Cornell University, 2010-2016, $1,326,660.

John Abowd and L. Vilhuber. “Synthetic Data User Testing and Dissemination,” National Science Foundation Grant, 2010-2013, $197,170.

John Abowd, A.B Slavkovic, S.E. Fienberg, S. Raskhodnikova, and A. Smith. “Integrating Statistical and Computational Approaches to Privacy,” National Science Foundation Grant, 2010-2014, $409,296.

Michael Macy. Yahoo Research! Seminar on Social Science in the Age of Networks, 2010, $4,000.

Lawrence Blume, J. Hofbauer, M. Jaansen (PI), S. Weidenholzer. “Die Evolution von Normen und Konventionen in der Wirtschaft,” WWTF Grant, 2010–2014, 550,000 Euro ($751,938).


Geri Gay. Co-PI. “Electronically-Mediated Weight Interventions for Pregnant & Postpartum Women,” National Institute of Health, 2009-2014.

Geri Gay. PI. “Technology-Based Behavioral Interventions for Improving Patient Care,” National Institute of Health Translational Weill, 2009, $70,737.

Geri Gay. Co-PI. “Examination of Mobile Phone-Base Social Support in Post-Treatment Lymphoma Patients,” 2009, $18,487.

John Abowd PI, Lars Vilhuber, Jerome Reiter, and Ron Jarmin. “Workshop on Synthetic Data and Confidentiality Protection,” National Science Foundation, 2009-2011, $18,480.

John Abowd with Lars Vihuber. “Social Science Gateway to TeraGrid,” National Science Foundation, 2009-2012, $393,523.

Lawrence Blume, E. Tardos (PI), D. Easley, J. Kleinberg, and R. Kleinberg. “Networks, Learning, and Markets with Strategic Agents,” National Science Foundation, 2009–2014, $2,938,984.

J. Kleinberg (PI), L. Lee, G. Gay, D. Huttenlocher, M. Macy. “Collaborative Research: Design Principles for Information Networks Supporting the Social Production of Knowledge,” National Science Foundation Program on Human Centered Computing, 2009-2014, $2,631,903.


Geri Gay. PI. “Mindless Eating Challenge: Persuasive Mechanisms in Mobile Health Games,” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2008-2010, $164,319.

Geri Gay. Co-PI. “Health Games,” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2008, $184,000.

Geri Gay. Co-PI. “Mood Meters and Anxiety in Cancer Patients,” 2008, $40,000.

Geri Gay. Co-PI. “Distributed and Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Important, but Difficult,” Morgan Family Foundation, 2008, $45,000.

John Abowd. Co-PI. “The Economics of Mass Layoffs: Displaced Workers, Displacing Firms,” National Science Foundation, 2008-2010, $245,950.

John Abowd. “The Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics Program,” US Bureau of the Census, 2008-2015, $1,491,642.


Geri Gay. Co-PI. “Digital Access and Study Center Interpretation Project at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University,” Institute of Museum and Library Services, 2007, $60,000.

Geri Gay. C0-PI. “Improving Methods for Patient Accrual to Clinical Trials (IMPACT),” The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 2007-2008, $99,156.

Geri Gay. Co-PI. “A Tool for Visualizing and Analyzing Eye Tracking Data for Online Search,” Google, 2007, $49,000.

Michael Macy and W. Arms (PI). “Computer Science Research Using the Cornell Web Lab to Study Social and Information Processes on the Web,” 2007-2010, $897,657.


Geri Gay. Co-PI. “Social Networks,” Microsoft, 2006-2007, $90,000.

Michael Macy, W.  Arms, D.  Huttenlocher, J. Klineberg, and D. Strang. “Very Large Semi-­‐‑Structured Datasets for Social Science Research.” 2006-2008, $2,000,000.