Directions: Human Ecology Building and Martha Van Rensselaer Building

Human Ecology Building 

Directions to Human Ecology Building T01 Conference Room:
The Human Ecology Building is on Forest Home Drive (GPS : enter “37 Forest Home Dr, Ithaca, NY 14853”). HEB is situated between MVR and Beebe Lake. It is on top of a parking garage. From within MVR, go to level T and walk through the Commons and turn right at the other end – you are now in HEB. HEB T01: This room is on the Terrace level straight ahead and to the right as you face out of the elevators.

Martha Van Rensselaer Hall (MVR)

Directions to MVR 1429:
To get to room 1429 in MVR, enter the building on the far right near Warren Hall. Go to the end of the hall and turn right into the DEA suite. MVR 1429 is the last door on the left across from where the postdoc writing group is held.

Directions to MVR G422:
To get to room G422 in MVR, enter the building on the far right near Warren Hall. Go one floor down, and then out of the stairwell and turn left. Walk all the way to the end of the hall past the HR office. G422 is straight ahead.

Directions to MVR 3308:
To get to room 3308 in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, enter the East wing of the building from the front. Continue straight down the hallway. Because of construction, use the short flight of stairs to go to the third floor mezzanine. Once on the third floor mezzanine, walk towards the front of the building (not to MVR East). Halfway down the hallway, MVR 3308 will be on the left. See images below for more detail.

Directions to College of Human Ecology (CHC) Commons:
The CHE Commons connects MVR and the Human Ecology Building. In MVR, go down to Terrace/basement. In HEB, go to level T.