Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall is an associate professor in policy analysis and management within the College of Human Ecology. Both a sociologist and a demographer, Hall’s research focuses on racial/ethnic inequality, immigration, and neighborhood change.

Recent publications include “Neighborhood Foreclosures, Racial/Ethnic Transition, Residential Segregation” published in American Sociological Review and “The Occupational Risk of Being Illegal in the United States: Legal Status, Job Hazard, and Compensating Differentials” in International Migration Review.

He is an investigator on a grant from the National Institutes of Health to examine Racial and Ethnic Diversity in American Communities, 1980-2010. He received support from the Institute for the Social Sciences in 2012 for his study understanding the foreclosure crisis and residential stratification.

A complete list of his research and publications can be found on his Department home page.

Matthew Hall
Policy Analysis and Management
College of Human Ecology
205 MVR Hall