Incarceration Related Programs

The Institute for the Social Sciences’ three-year project on mass incarceration has synergies with other programs and initiatives at Cornell that are led by affiliates of the ISS project:

ethnic_painting, 3/15/05, 10:16 AM, 8C, 8568x11232 (432+72), 150%, cross polar, 1/8 s, R12.7, G12.3, B42.3 Africana Studies
The African Studies & Research Center remains committed to continuing academic innovation in the field of African Studies and to remaining at its forefront theoretically and pedagogically, while sustaining its ongoing commitments to activism and community engagement.
Center for the Study of Inequality (CSI)
Cornell University’s Center for the Study of Inequality (CSI) is devoted to understanding patterns, causes, and consequences of social and economic inequality. CSI fosters new and cutting-edge research, trains undergraduate and graduate students, encourages the exchange of ideas among inequality researchers, and disseminates research findings to a broader public. It supports research and knowledge that is evidence-based and systematic, whether it is “basic” research that develops formal models of the social processes that underpin inequality or “applied” research that assesses the intended or unintended consequences of policies that affect equality of opportunity.
worldwide Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide
Death Penalty Worldwide (DPW) works to provide data and reports on the 87 countries that currently practice capital punishment. DPW also advocates for the implementation of international fair trial standards and the rights of individuals who come into conflict with the law, including juveniles, women, and individuals with mental illness.
Untitled-1 Cornell Prison Education Program
The mission of the Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP) is to provide courses leading to college degrees for people incarcerated in upstate New York State prisons; to help CPEP students build meaningful lives inside prison as well as prepare for successful re-entry into civic life; and to inform thought and action on social justice issues among past and present CPEP students, volunteers, and the wider public.
wpid-gravel_shutterstock_20118718 Cornell Law School: Death Penalty Project
The Cornell Death Penalty Project is an undertaking of the Cornell Law School. The project sponsors several clinics that provide students with the opportunity to assist in the representation of capital defendants, both at trial and at various stages in the appeals process. The project also sponsors periodic symposia related to capital punishment and, in addition, conducts empirical research relating to the administration of capital punishment in the United States.
 Person in prison Within and Beyond the Prison Wall: An Exploration Of Method, Theory, and Evidence in the Study of Imprisonment
Sponsored by the Institute for Comparatives Modernities, this reading group encourages interdisciplinary conversations among graduate students in carceral studies broadly focused on the legal, procedural, material, spatial, demographic and psychological modalities of imprisonment.
prison-education Minor in Crimes, Prisons, Education, and JusticeThis new cross-disciplinary minor in crime, prisons and justice is funded by an Engaged Curriculum Grant awarded by Engaged Cornell. Students will take five courses in the new minor and will serve as teaching assistants in the Cornell Prison Education Program at the Auburn and Cayuga correctional facilities.