Incarceration Press Coverage

Cornell University has some of the leading scholars in the criminal justice field, including members of the ISS’ Mass Incarceration project. Their research and initiatives are regularly featured in media on this pressing social issue.

Big Data on Political and Economic Will (October 2018)
Research to focus on why it’s hard to say no to police searches (August 2018)
Myth of race still embedded in scientific research (November 2017)
Dark-skinned whites arrested more than those with lighter skin (August 2017)
Understanding the Impact of Paternal Incarceration on Children’s Schooling (August 2017)
NY re-entry program awards Cornell $750K for prison education (August 2017)
Fearing Surveillance, Dads with a Record Avoid Kids’ Schools (July 2017)
Will The Trump Administration Jail More Drug Felons? (May 2017)
Historian’s Book Traces Rise of Mass Imprisonment (May 2017)
Cornell Law School Launches Death Penalty Project (October 2016)
Iscol Lecturer Glenn Martin: U.S. Justice Has Always Oppressed Minorities (September 2016)
Conference Spotlights Consequences of Parental Incarceration (September 2016)
Inequality, Education, Mass Incarceration: A Conversation with Anna Haskins
(September 2016)
Anna Haskins Shows the Impact of Incarcerated Fathers on Children (August 2016)
Julily Kohler-Hausmann Awarded $5,150 for “The Politics of Abstention and Demobilization in America’s ‘Right Turn'”¬†(August 2016)
If Media Starts Talking About Innocent People Being Convicted, Then More Crime Doesn’t Automatically Translate to More Punitive Attitudes (June 2016)
Wonder Why Prisons Stay Full When Crime Goes Down? (May 2016)
White House Names Prison Educator a Champion of Change (April 2016)
World’s Largest Public Opinion Archive Holds Key Election Insights
(April 2016)
Students Explore Criminal Justice Through New Minor
(April 2016)
CAU Offers Summer Seminars on Crime and Punishment
(April 2016)
Cornell Student Actors Bring Prisoners’ Writings to Life (April 2016)
Obama Administration Issues Guidance on Fair Housing (April 2016)
New Book Sheds Light on High U.S. Incarceration Rate (March 2016)
Panel Envisions Future of the Death Penalty Post-Scalia (March 2016)
Mass Incarceration Has Masked Inequality (February 2016)
Scholar-activist Ruth Gilmore to speak on policing reforms (February 2016)
Prison Education Program to Expand with Mellon Grant (September 2015)
Institute for the Social Sciences’ Project Examines Reasons for U.S Mass Incarceration (September 2015)
Symposium to Examine Prisoners’ Human Rights (September 2015)
Cornell Scholars Speak Out on the Pope’s Social Concerns, Including Incarceration and Capital Punishment (September 2015)
Step One in Transforming the Criminal Justice System: Articulating a New Vision (September 2015)
Kids With Incarcerated Dads More Likely to Be Held Back a Grade (September 2015)
Peter Enns, ISS’ Mass Incarceration Project Leader, to Lead Roper Center at Cornell (September 2015)
New Cross-Disciplinary Minor in Crimes, Prisons, and Justice Funded (September 2015)
2 in 5 African-American Women Know a Prisoner (June 2015)
Anna Haskins Speaks at the Fifth BCTR Youth Development Research Update (June 2015)
Mary Katzenstein Honored for Prison Education Program (April 2015)
College Behind Bars: How Educating Prisoners Pays Off (March 2013)
Prison Education Program Expands Its Offerings (March 2009)
Cornell at Auburn: An Experiment in Teaching and Learning (2008)
Cornell Expands College Courses to Cayuga C.F. (Autumn 2008)