Incarceration Funding and Awards

Faculty fellows of the Mass Incarceration project have received over $60,000 in funding and fellowship awards since the start of their project’s term. (Updated June 2017)


Christopher Wildeman, “Linking NYC Administrative Data to Estimate Paternal Incarceration’s Effects on Children,” Russell Sage Foundation, $35,000.


Maria Fitzpatrick, “The Effects of Institutional Contact on Child Mortality,” Grant Development Program, Cornell Population Center, $15,000.

Anna Haskins & Christopher Wildeman, “Minimizing the Collateral Damage: Interventions to Diminish the Consequences of Mass Incarceration for Children.” Conference Small Grant, Institute for the Social Sciences, Cornell University, $5,000.

Julilly Kohler-Hausmann, “The Politics of Abstention and Demobilization in America’s Right Turn.” President’s Council on Cornell Women, Affinito-Stewart Award, $5,150.