Incarceration Affiliates

Cornell faculty, staff, students and local community members are invited to become affiliate members of the Causes, Consequences, and Future of Mass Incarceration project. Affiliates receive announcements related to incarceration research and initiatives through the list serve. To join the list serve, email and provide your title (faculty, graduate student, undergraduate student, community member etc.) and department name.

Rachel Aleks Labor Relations, Law, and History, ILR
Sandra Babcock Law
Esta Bigler Law and Employment Program, ILR Extension
Peter Enns Government
Matthew Evangelista Government
Magnus Fiskesjö Anthropology
Maria Fitzpatrick Policy Analysis and Management
Chris Garces Anthropology
Shannon Gleeson Labor Relations, Law and History, ILR
Anna Haskins Sociology
Sheri Lynn Johnson Law
Mary Katzenstein Government
Julilly Kohler-Hausmann History
Bruce Levitt Theatre, Film, and Dance
Dan Lichter Policy Analysis and Management; Sociology
Joseph Margulies Law
Jamila Michener Government
Amelia Greiner Safi Communication
Ronald Seeber ILR
Maureen Waller Policy Analysis and Management
Christopher Wildeman Policy Analysis and Management
Erin York Cornwell Sociology
Postdoctoral Fellows and Staff
Vivekinan Ashok Government
Amelia Hritz Law
Treva Levine Africana Studies and Research Center
Robert Scott Cornell Prison Education Program
Graduate Students
Elizabeth Acorn Government
Mariana Amorim Policy Analysis and Management
Bridget Brew Policy Analysis and Management
Jen Ellison-Lackard ILR
Allison Dwyer Emory Policy Analysis and Management
Alyssa Goldman Sociology
Erin McCauley Policy Analysis and Management
Meaghan Mingo Sociology
Trishna Senapty Anthropology
Juan Carlos Meléndez-Torres Music
Marisa Turesky City and Regional Planning
Caroline Walker Economics
Youngmin Yi Sociology and Policy Analysis and Management
Rachel Cusick
Daniel Kuhlmann City and Regional Planning
Beyond Cornell
Joey Cardamore Ithaca Prisoner Justice Network
Nicholas Fesette Emory University
Elena Haskins Ithaca College
Laura Komor Ithaca Prisoner Justice Network
Chris Seeds New York University
Benjamin Yost Providence College