Mary Still

Mary Still is working with computer scientists and natural language programmers to develop a demography of the American business community by tracing the career paths of managers and linking organizations when managers move between them. She is also using the Internet Archive to study the evolution of corporate innovation on the internet.

Still began studying networks at the University of South Carolina, where she worked with network scholars Katie Faust and Steve Borgatti. Previous to returning to graduate school, she was an investigative reporter, and won awards for her coverage of social issues. In covering government, courts, crime and any number of beats, Still learned it was impossible to understand a story without knowing the social structure behind it; social network analysis provided the formal tools to do that.

Still returned to Cornell University after leading a law and policy research center at American University. She received her doctorate from Cornell, where her research used the internet to mine data on the diffusion of work/family policies and the internet among the Fortune 100 from 1985 to 2001.

Mary is now an Assistant Professor of Marketing and Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston.


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