Land Faculty Fellows

In the interdisciplinary spirit of all ISS theme projects, the Contested Global Landscapes project brought together geographers, economists, anthropologists, development sociologists, historians, and resource management scholars. Together they have advanced social scientific knowledge of how different groups and cultures think about the land, use land for a variety of economic and noneconomic purposes, and engage in political contests over land.

Geisler Charles Geisler (Development Sociology)
Team Co-Leader
Department Office: 237 Warren Hall
Department Phone: 607-255-1691
Wendy-Wolford_DevSoc Wendy Wolford (Development Sociology)
Team Co-Leader
Department Office: 263 Warren Hall
Department Phone: 607-255-2146
Craib2012 Raymond Craib (History)
Team Member
Department Office: 436 McGraw Hall
Department Phone: 607-255-6745
Pg-5-lecture-by-KG.thumbnail Steven Kyle (Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management)
Team Associate
Department Office: 437 Warren Hall
Department Phone: 607-255-2104
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Paul Nadasdy (Anthropology and American Indian Studies)
Team Member
Department Office: 229 McGraw Hall
Department Phone: 607-255-4040
 0736_12_004_select Sara Pritchard (Science & Technology Studies)
Team Member
Department Office: 311 Morrill Hall
Department Phone: 607-255-3691


Steven Wolf (Natural Resources)
Team Member
Department Office: 121 Fernow Hall
Department Phone: 607-592-2735