Land Affiliates

All Cornell faculty, staff, and students are eligible to affiliate with the retired Land Theme Project. Affiliates receive notification of ISS Land Project events, as well as other related announcements, via the Land listserve. To join: Please email

Shorna Allred Natural Resources
Chris Barrett Applied Economics and Management
Ernesto E. Bassi Arevalo History
Rachel Bezner Kerr Development Sociology
Louise Buck Natural Resources
Nancy Chau Applied Economics and Management
Eric Cheyfitz American Studies
Susan Christopherson City and Regional Planning
Jeffrey M. Chusid City & Regional Planning
Maria Lorena Cook International and Comparative Labor
Raymond Craib History
Ileen Devault Industrial and Labor Relations
Richard Dudley CIIFAD
Jeremy Foster Architecture
Charles Geisler Development Sociology
Karin Gustafsson Science and Technology studies
Thomas A. Hirschl Development Sociology
David Kay Development Sociology
James Lassoie Natural Resources
Christine Leuenberger Science and Technology Studies
David MacNeill NY Sea Grant
Natalie Mahowald Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Fouad Makki Development Sociology
Barry Maxwell Comparative Literature, American Studies
Philip McMichael Development Sociology
Jeff Milder Natural Resources
Kevin Morrison Government
Paul Nadasdy Anthropology; American Indian Studies
Rebecca J. Nelson Plant Pathology; Plant-Microbe Biology
Eduardo Peñalver Law
Karen Pinkus Romance Studies
Per Pinstrup-Andersen Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management; Nutrition
Sara Pritchard Science and Technology Studies
Kenneth Roberts Government
Stephan Schmidt City and Regional Planning
Rebecca Schneider Natural Resources
Richard Schuler Economics; Civil & Environmental Engineering
Roberta M. Severson Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Richard Stedman Natural Resources
Janice Thies Crop and Soil Sciences
Chantal Thomas Law
Marina Welker Anthropology
Wendy Wolford Development Sociology
Steven Wolf Natural Resources; Development Sociology
Stephen Yale-Loehr Law
Xiaomin Zhu Science and Technology Studies
Artur Zimerman Institute for the Social Sciences
Associates, Fellows, & Staff
Cally Arthur CALS International Programs
Irus Braverman Society for the Humanities
Kathryn Coldren CALS International Programs
Carol J. Pierce Colfer Southeast Asia Program
Ahmed Fall CALS International Programs
Juliana Fulton CIIFAD
Abigail Hart Ecoagriculture Working Group, Natural Resources
Shona Hawkes Development Sociology
James Krueger Law
Laurie J. Miller CIPA
Cheng Qiu CIPA
Olebeng Raperekisi CALS International Programs
Debal Ray Natural Resources
Devparna Roy Development Sociology
Tim Shenk CUSLAR
Graduate Students
Daniel Ahlquist Development Sociology
Omar Ali Development Sociology
Amit Anshumali Development Sociology
Robert Beazley Natural Resources
Alice Beban Development Sociology
Laura Bechard International Development
Manuel Berrio Natural Resources
Diana Biller Law
Eva Birk City and Regional Planning
Charis Boke Anthropology
Holly Buck Development Sociology
Hilary Byerly Applied Economics and Management
Jose Casis Natural Resources
José Castañeda Anthropology
Youjin Brigitte Chung Development Sociology
Eugene Fifer International Agriculture and Rural Development
Omar Figueredo Romance Studies
Ritwick Ghosh Natural Resources
Allegra Giovine History and Sociology of Science
Rajeev Goyal International Agriculture
Golnoosh Hakimadavar-Mamlyuk Law
Darragh Hare Natural Resources
Kyle Harvey History
Amanda Hickey City and Regional Planning
Jonathan Hill Cornell Institute for Public Affairs
Maren Hill City and Regional Planning
Emily Hong Anthropology
Onur Ulas Ince Government
Lily Jampol Psychology
Hanna Ko Law
Brandon Kraft Natural Resources
Sergio Latorre Law
Ted Lawrence Natural Resources
Lei Lei Applied Economics and Management
Erin C. Lentz Sociology
Emily Levitt Anthropology
Pauline Limbu Anthropology
Justine Lindemann Development Sociology
Ting Lau Anthropology
Daniel Lumonya Development Sociology
Matthew Minarchek History
Rebakah Daro Minarchek Development Sociology
Sudeshna Mitra City and Regional Planning
Juliet Mugabi City and Regional Planning
Michael Mulford Applied Economics and Management
Ilil Naveh-Benjamin Science and Technology Studies
Ryan Nehring Development Sociology
Chularat Niratisayakul International Agriculture and Rural Development
Rachel Odhner Anthropology
Tess Pendergrast Development Sociology
Jennifer Pierce City and Regional Planning
David Rojas Anthropology
Melissa Rosario Anthropology
Steven Saavedra City and Regional Planning
Mindi Schneider Development Sociology
Josh Savala History
Kathleen Sexsmith Development Sociology
Divya Sharma Development Sociology
Annie Sheng Anthropology
Nidhi Subramanyam City and Regional Planning
Kun Wang Law
Pu Wang Natural Resources
Jum Warritay Development Sociology
Hao Zuang Natural Resources
Undergraduate Students
Yashodhan Gharat Natural Resources
Lusine Mehrabyan Biology and Society
Sam Ritholtz International Agriculture & Rural Development
Spencer Schwartz Industrial and Labor Relations
Kata Young International Agriculture & Rural Development
Beyond Cornell
Lieselot Bisschop Ghent University, Belgium
Shannon Cram University of California, Berkeley
Solano Da Silva Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Mark W. Deets American University in Cairo
Prabhat Gautam Cornell University Alumnus
Diana Gildea SUNY Binghamton
Tim Gorman Montclair State University
Arthur Green University of British Columbia
Natalia Gutkowski Harvard University
Atle Hegnes Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research
Colleen Hiner Texas State University
Matthew Hoffman University of Southern Maine
Anne Larson CGIAR
Austin Lord Yale University
Angus Lyall UNC-Chapel Hill
Nerve Macaspac Cornell University Alumnus
Tiernan Mennen Director, Land and Resource Rights, Chemonics International
Jackie Mirandola Mullen University at Albany
Renata Motta LAI, Freie Universität Berlin
Ng’ang’a Muchiri University of Miami
Chandrima Mukhopadhyay Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Ernest Nkansah-Dwamena SUNY ESF
Patrick Nugent George Washington University
Sam Ritholtz Cornell University Alumnus
Hanno Scheerer Trier University, Germany
Courtney Work Institute for Social Studies