Land Faculty Fellows’ Research

Every team member’s individual research has advanced under the interdisciplinary gaze of the team. Although the projects traverse the globe from the Yukon to Africa, each researcher examines how different interest groups and cultures think about land, lay claim to it—some times coercively and other times more amicably–and finally use and preserve it for different ends.

Liquidities: Oceans, Islands, and New Enclosures in the Wake of Decolonization
Raymond Craib (History)

Military Agency and Land Grabs: Rethinking “Military Occupation”
Charles Geisler (Development Sociology)

Anti-Sovereignty and Indigenous Land Claims: Territoriality, Citizenship, and Time in the Yukon
Paul Nadasdy (Anthropology and American Indian Studies)

Fluid Empires: Hydraulic Regimes across the “French” Mediterranean
Sara Pritchard (Science & Technology Studies)

Critical Analysis of “Green Grabbing”
Steven Wolf (Natural Resources)

Brasil Gigante: Bringing the Brazilian Miracle to African Soil
Wendy Wolford (Development Sociology)