Kyoko Sato

Kyoko Sato joined the Contentious Politics team as a postdoctoral fellow for the academic year 2007-08. Her dissertation explores the processes through which different policy frameworks toward genetically modified food emerged in the US, Japan, and France. She was awarded a Ph.D. in sociology by Princeton University. Her general research interests center on how cultural understandings of an issue and politics interact with and mutually constitute each other. For example, her dissertation shows how changes in the meanings of genetically modified food, the shift in the locus of expertise, and political mobilization all interacted with and shaped each other, leading to distinct national policy developments. Her teaching interests are social theory, sociology of culture, food and globalization, comparative sociology and qualitative methods. During 06-07, she taught an introductory social theory tutorial at Harvard University’s Social Studies program.

Harvard University 
Cambridge, Massachusetts