Contentious Knowledge Seed Grant Winners

During April 2007, the team sponsored a seed grant competition for graduate students who are working on topics related to the theme project. The awards support 11 graduate students who are in the early stages of defining their dissertation topics and require financial support for direct research costs, such as acquiring data, traveling to archives, or conducting preliminary field research. Grant recipients are encouraged to participate and present their research in the seminars of the theme project during the 2007-08 academic year.

Recipients of Awards

Jamie Bleck Government Non-State Service Provision as Contentious Politics
Richard Bownas Government Transnational Politics of Genetically Modified Crops
Adriana Chira Anthropology Nanotechnology and the Future of Knowledge in Post-Socialist Romania
Marion Dixon Development Sociology Modernist Discourses and the Reframing of Peasant Struggles
Anna Geltzer Science & Technology Changing Conceptions of What Counts as Valid Clinical Trial Evidence in Modern Russian Medical Practice
Jennifer Hadden Government Environmental Organizations and European Collective Action: Shifting Patterns of Participation in European Politics and Policy Making
Stefanie Hufnagel-Eichiner Natural Resources Organizational Change for Sustainable Agriculture and its Contestation in the Corn Belt of the Mississippi River Basin
Manjari Mahajan Science & Technology
Science, Citizenship and Dissent: The AIDS Epidemics in South Africa and
Nicole Nelson Science & Technology Controversial Methodology: Debates About Research Method in Behavior Genetics
Tina Shrestha Anthropology NGOs and the Politics of ‘Gender and Development’ in the Making of ‘Modern’ Nepal
Jonathan Ying ILR Plenary What? Sovereignty, Race, and the Immigration Debate