Judgment Press Coverage

Simple Questionnaire Predicts Unprotected Sex, Binge Drinking (October 31, 2016)

ISS’ JDSB project faculty fellow, Valerie Reyna, recognized for distinguished contributions to medicine and health (October 19, 2015)

Peter Enns to lead Roper Center at Cornell (September 14, 2015)

New study shows the power of gist in courtroom cases (July 8, 2015)

‘Learned’ people easily may claim facts impossible to know (June 11, 2015)

New research shows young U.S citizens are taking more liberal positions (June 11, 2015)

Emotion, values called valid in cancer-treatment decisions (March 25, 2015)

Two Cornell psychologists give academic take on human bonding (March 11, 2015)

Happiness and Satisfaction are Not Everything: Toward Wellbeing Indices Based on Stated Preference (January 2015)

Fuzzy reasoning by patient may lead to antibiotic resistance (December 16, 2014)

Gist, not rational analysis, cuts risky basis (October 9, 2014).

‘Involuntary Excluders’ aren’t always in cahoots (October 8, 2014)

The Bad Impressions Show (September 2014)

Valerie Reyna, ISS’ Judgment Fellow, Examines Hows and Whys of Economic Choices (July 17, 2014)

Valerie Reyna, ISS’ Judgment Fellow, Helps Demystify Cancer Risk (May 29, 2014)

Students of ISS’ Fellow Enns take America’s pulse in course on polling (May 22, 2014)

David Dunning, ISS’ Judgment Project Fellow, Explains Why Strangers Trust (May 20, 2014)

Q&A: Why 40% of Us Think We’re In The Top 5% (April 2014)

New Institute Focuses on Human Brain Research (February 2014)

Behavioral Economics is Focus of New MPS Program (February 2014)

First Impressions Hard to Change, Studies Suggest (February 2014)

Your First Impressions About Some Are Usually True Study Finds (February 2014)

The Power of First Impressions (February 2014)

Even Fact Cannot Change First Impressions (February 2014)

You Might Look Gay- And that First Impression Sticks (February 2014)

First Impressions Remain Dominant in Humans – How Blind Dates Go Sour (February 2014)

ISS’ Judgment Project Member, Peter Enns, Traces Income Inequality to Bias in U.S. Political System (December 2013)

ISS’ Judgment Faculty Fellows’ Book Debuts Brain Models of Risky Decision-Making (December 2013)

ISS’ Judgment Faculty Fellow, Valerie Reyna, Co-directs the Cornell MRI Facility which Opens Doors to Understanding Human Cognition (October 2013)

ISS’ Judgment Fellow, Peter Enns, Asks: “What Moves Supreme Court’s ‘Swing’ Justices?” (October 2013)

Peter Enns, ISS’ Faculty Judgment Faculty Fellow, Finds Presidential Campaigns Not The Ticket To Voters (September 2013)

Research By Reyna, ISS’ Judgment Faculty Fellow, Contributes to Breakthrough in Discerning Normal Memory Loss From Disease (September 2013)

ISS’ Judgment Faculty Fellow, Valerie Reyna, Finds Agents Like Snowden Prone to Irrational Decision Making (July 2013)

How Happy Were You Yesterday? (July 2013)

New Economics Research Helps Developing World (June 2013)

Insights From Behavioral and Development Economics (June 2013)

Genetic Variants Linked to Educational Attainment (May 2013)

Economist, Daron Acemoglu, to Talk on Theory of Prosperity (April 2013)

Nate Silver Offers Tips to Improve Predicting Power (April 2013)

Economists Call on Washington to Enact Carbon Tax (March 2013)

Brain Scan Can Decode Whom You are Thinking About (March 2013)

Book by ISS’ Judgment Fellow, Robert Frank, Featured in Cornell MOOC (March 2013)

Should Governments Monitor Citizens’ Happiness and Use that Data to Inform Policy? Many Say Yes; the Question is How (Spring 2013)

ISS’ Affiliate Finds MRI To Help Unlock Mysteries of Teen Risky Behavior (February 2013)

ISS’ Affiliate Finds Preference to Save the Best for Last Fades With Age (February 2013)

ISS’ Affiliate Finds Economist: For Consumers, Ignorance May be Bliss (February 2013)

ISS’ Fellow, Dan Benjamin, Questions Quantity of Data Linking Genetics and Behavior (February 2013)

Genetics-Poverty Link Questioned (February 2013)

ISS’ Judgment Affiliates Thomas Gilovich and Amit Kumar Find: To Feel Happier, Talk about Experiences, Not Things” (January 2013)

ISS’ Judgment Team Member, Peter Enns, Quoted in Election Story on Polling (November 2012)

ISS’ Faculty Fellow, Stephen Morgan, Finds Comparing U.S. Education to Others Can Backfire (November 2012)

God and Country: Polarization Rising in Presidential Politics (October 2012)

Beyond Happiness (September 2012)

Star-Crossed Lovers: When NOT To Trust An Intuition Of Compatibility (March 2012)

ISS’ Judgment Team Member, Dan Benjamin, Finds Genes Affect Political and Economic Preferences (May 2012)

In Search of the Money Gene (May 2012)

‘Gaydar’ Could Work in Less than a Blink of an Eye (May 2012)

‘Gaydar’ May Be Real, Says Univ. of Washington Study (May 2012)

Thinking Of A Loved One Eases Painful Memories (June 2012)

Painful Memory? Think About A Loved One, Study Says (June 2012)

We Got a Thing That’s Called Gaydar, Love (June 2012)

Study Proves “Gaydar” Universal for Gays and Straights Alike (June 2012)

How’s Your ‘Gaydar’? (June 2012)

Gaydar! Gaydar! Is This Thing On? (June 2012)

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (June 2012)

Jury Representativeness: It’s No Joke in the State of New York, Finds ISS’ Judgment Team Member, Valerie Hans (January 2012)

“The Power of Sorry'” – ISS’ Judgment Team Members’ Research Highlighted in WSJ Article on the Influence Of “Apology Laws” (January 2012)

“‘Sorry Docs Pay Less” – WSJ Article Features Judgment Team’s Findings (January 2012)

Wall Street Journal Law Blog Notes Judgment Team’s Research on Lawyers’ Verdict Predictions (January 2012)

New Study In JELS Special Issue Edited By ISS’ Judgment Project Argues that “Egos Aside, Trial Lawyers are Pretty Good at Predicting Verdicts” (January 2012)

Attached to Regulation of Behavior and Frisbee (December 2011)

New Behavioral Economist Paying it Forward: Adam Levine (November 2011)

Tax Spending, Not Income to Save $3 Trillion a Year, Says Robert Frank, ISS’ Judgment Team Member (November 2011)

The (Not So) Roaring ’20s (October 2011)

ISS’ Judgment Team Members Lead Conference Exploring Links Between Risk-Taking, Brain Mechanisms (October 2011)

Adults Can’t Tell When Kids are Lying or Misinformed, Finds ISS’ Judgment Affiliate Stephen Ceci (September 2011)

ISS’ Judgment Team Member Discovers Different Ages Need Different Risk Messages (September 2011)

We Choose Money Over Happiness, Finds ISS’ Judgment Affiliate and Team Members Research (September 2011)

Starve the Beast? Excerpt From Judgment Team Member’s New Book, ‘The Darwin Economy’ (September 2011)

ISS’ Judgment Team Member Pens New Book, ‘The Darwin Economy” (September 2011)

Mommy Dearest – How Relationships Shape You (September 2011)

Four of ISS’ Judgment Fellows are Core Faculty of New Dual Degree Program (August 2011)

JDSB Team Member Finds Older Adults More Willing to Wait For Gains (July 2011)

ISS’ Judgment Fellow Valerie Reyna Examines Why Internet Anti-Vaccine Messages are Dangerous (July 2011)

Study: True Memories Are Rich With Varied Details, Find JDSB Team Member and Affiliate (April 2011)

JDSB Team Member, Peter Enns, Edits Book On Political Representation (February 2011)

Choices — Not Discrimination — Determine Women Scientists’ Success, JDSB Affiliates Say (February 2011)

ISS’ Judgment Fellow Finds Mothering Styles Predict Nature of Adult Relationships (January 2011)

Loughner Likely To Request Change Of Venue, NPR Interview with Team Member, Valerie Hans (January 2011)

Study: Low Incomes Make Poor More Conservative Finds JDSB Team Member Peter Enns (November 2010)

ISS’ Theme Project Unites Psychologists, Economists (October 2010)

ISS’ JDSB Team Member, Vivian Zayas’, Profile: ‘Attached’ To Attachment Psychology and Ultimate Competitions (October 2010)

Moral of the Story: Study Finds We Invoke Ethical Principles to Justify Our Actions Finds JDSB Affiliate (October 2010)

A New Reason to Blame, or Thank, Your Mother (November, 2010)

Study by JDSB Team Member and Affiliate Finds Adults Recall Negative Events Less Accurately than Children (July 2010)

Prof. Dunning, JDSB Fellow, Discusses The Anosognosic’s Dilemma–Something’s Wrong But You’ll Never Know What It Is (June 2010)

JDSB Team Member Discusses Cynicism & Trust (May 2010)

David Dunning, JDSB Fellow, Discusses Dunning-Kruger Effect (May 2010)

Renew Your Passion (May 2010)

Study by Team Member: Religion Influences Work Ethic, Risk Taking and Doing Good Deeds (March 2010)

Study by JDSB Affiliate Shows Experiences are Better than Possessions (March 2010)

Things We Want Appear Nearer, Study by Team Member Shows (March 2010)

Online Poker: The More You Win, the More You Lose, JDSB Affiliate Finds (January 2010)

Many Patients Lack the Numerical Skills to Make Good Health Decisions, JDSB Team Member Finds (November 2009)

Do Dates Order the Most Expensive Entree? Study by JDSB Team Member and Colleague(October 2009)

What You Don’t Know About Your Friends (August 2009)

Perception Isn’t Everything to Shoppers. Study by JDSB Team Member and Colleague (July 2009)

Stumbling Blocks on the Path of Righteousness (May 2009)

It’s Up to Social Science to Make Us Act in an Environmentally Conscious Way. But Can We Trick Ourselves into Saving Ourselves? (April 2009)