Judgment Funding and Awards

The ISS Judgment Project’s faculty fellows have been awarded over $12,549,786 (as of October 17, 2018) in funding and fellowship awards since the start of their project’s term. This funding includes external awards of $12,488,286 and internal awards of $46,500.


V. Zayas. Cornell College of Arts and Sciences, “Robert A. and Donna B. Paul Academic Advising Award.”


P.K. Enns and K. Weldon. The Pew Charitable Trusts, “Developing an Archive of Andrew Kohut’s Public Opinion Materials.” $20,000.

V. Reyna.  National Institute of Health. “Testing a Decision Support Intervention to Enhance Genetic Risk Assessment in Underserved Blacks and Latinas at Risk of Hereditary Breast Cancer.” $72,232.


P.K. Enns and J. Lagodny. Houston I. Flournoy Research Grant, “Understanding Public Opinion in the U.S. States.” $4,000.

P.K. Enns with N. Kelly, J. Morgan, C. Witko. Russell Sage Foundation, “Rising Inequality and the Congressional Economic Agenda.” $70,000.

V. Hans with L. Friedman, M. Gomez, M. Murayama. National Science Foundation, “Expanding Law and Social Science Research by International Research Collaboration.” (SES-1556070) $293,250.

O. Heffetz. Israel Science Foundation. $130,000.

O. Heffetz. National Institute on Aging, National Institute of Health. “Using Subjective Well-Being Data to Monitor Changes in Health and Well-Being.” $2,000,000.


V. Hans with V. Reyna. F, National Science Foundation, “Quantitative Judgments in Law: Studies of Damage Award Decision Making.”$389,996.

V. Reyna. United States Department of Agriculture. “Obesity Prevention and Decision Making in the Adolescent Brain.” $45,000.

O. Heffetz. Israel Science Foundation, Israeli Center Of Research Excellence, and NIS. $200,000.


D.J Benjamin. Swedish Research Council, “Genoeconomics.”


D. Dunning. Thrive Center for Human Development, “Cognitive Habits of Intellectual Humility,” 2013-2015. $155,556.

P.K. Enns, N. Kelly, J. Morgan, and C. Witko. Russell Sage Foundation, “Campaign Funding, Political Rhetoric, and the Public (Non)Response to Rising Inequality,” 2013-2016. $192,163.

P.K. Enns. Cornell Digital Collections, “Local Newspapers and Political Rhetoric,” 2013. $10,000.

P.K. Enns and Jon Schuldt. Cornell University Courses Initiative, “Taking America’s Pulse,”  2013-2014. $15,000.

V. Hans. Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University, “International Collaborative Empirical Research on Juries and Other Lay Participation Systems.” $2,500.

O. Heffetz. Half Century Faculty Research Fellowship, Johnson, Cornell University, 2013-2014. $4,000.

E. Owens, (Co-PIs) David Weisburd, Geoffrey Alpert, and Karen Amendola. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, “Promoting Officer Integrity Through Early Engagements and Procedural Justice,” 2013-2015. $341,469.

V. Reyna. National Institute of Health, “Age Differences in Preferences for and Responses to Temporal Sequences.” $405,682.

V.F. Reyna, William Schulze, David Dunning, Ted O’Donoghue, Brian Wansink, Barbara Ganzel, Henning Voss. National Institutes of Health, “The Gist of Hot and Cold Cognition in Adolescents’ Risky Decision Making,” 2013. $1,769,043.

V.F. Reyna. United States Department of Agriculture,“Health and the Brain: Supporting Research-Community Partnerships in Human Development and Neuroscience Research,” 2013-2016. $75,000.


D.J. Benjamin. NIH/NIA, “Finding Out What People Believe,” 2012. $30,700.

D.J. Benjamin. The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, “Genoeconomics,” 2012-1014. $603,710.

P.K. Enns. Houston I. Flournoy Research Grant, “Time Series Analysis and Spurious Regression: An Error Correction,” 2012-2013. $3,000.

P.K. Enns. Russell Sage Foundation, “The Great Recession and State Criminal Justice Policy: Explaining the Unexpected,” 2012. $77,766.

V. Reyna. National Institutes of Health, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Prevention of Paranoia in Adolescents at High Risk,” 2012-2014. $256,880.

V. Reyna. Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Prevention of Paranoia in Adolescents at High Risk.” $256,880

V. Zayas. NSF, “CAREER: Implicit Ambivalence in Close Relationships,” 2012-2017. $1,186,864.

V. Zayas (Co-PI) and V. Reyna (PI). John Templeton Foundation, “Understanding and Guiding Values,” 2012-2013. $270,000.


D.J. Benjamin (PI), NIH/OBSSR. Supplement for “Workshop for the Formation of a Social Science Genetic Association Consortium (EAGER)”, 2011-2013. $47,499.

D.J. Benjamin, NIH/NIA. “Using the Dynamics of Happiness to Measure the Subjective Importance of Events,”

V. Hans, Barbara Yngvesson, David M. Engel, Masayuki Murayama, Sally E. Merry; National Science Foundation. “Transforming Cross-National Theory and Research through International Research Collaboratives.” (through the Law and Society Association). (SES-1126004). 2011-2013. $175,750.

M.S. Kimball (PI) and D.J. Benjamin (Co-PI), NIH/NIA, “Using the Dynamics of Happiness to Measure the Subjective Importance of Events,” (R01 AG040787), 2011-2016. $474,083.

V. F. Reyna (PI), National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute), “A Web Tutor to Help Women Decide About Testing for Genetic Breast Cancer Risk,” 2011-2013. $364,120.

V. Zayas (Co-PI) and W.G Lichtenthal (PI), NIH, “Attention & Interpretation Modification for Fear of Breast Cancer Recurrence, 2011-2013.


L. Barseghyan (PI), Francesca Molinari (Co-PI), and Ted O’Donoghue (Co-PI), NSF, “An Empirical Investigation into the Nature of Risk Preferences,” 2010-2013. $322,550.

D.J. Benjamin (PI), NSF, Workshop for the Formation of a Social Science Genetic Association Consortium (EAGER), 2010-2011. $51,750.

D.J. Benjamin (PI), NIH/NIA, “Measuring Preferences Needed to Guide Saving and Investing for Retirement,” (R21 AG037741), 2010-2012. $405,793.

P. Enns (PI), LaFeber Research Grant, “Public Opinion in the U.S. States,” 2010-2011. $1,120.

E. Owens (PI), President’s Council of Cornell Women Affinito-Stewart Grant “Do Crime Victims Respond to Financial Incentives,” 2010.

O. Heffetz, (co-PI). National Science Foundation. “The Effects of Roads on Indigenous People’s Well-Being and Use of Natural Resources: A Natural Experiment in Lowland Bolivia,” 2010-2012. $331,317.

V. F. Reyna, (PI), United States Department of Agriculture (National Institute of Food and Agriculture), “Building Research-Community Partnerships to Reduce Risk-Taking in Adolescence,” 2010-2013. $76,867.

V. F. Reyna, (PI), United States Department of Agriculture, “Using Information Technology to Support Research-Based Community Partnerships,” 2010-2013. $90,000.

V. Zayas (PI) with W. Mischel (Co-PI), NIH, “Early Precursors and Neural Correlates of Adult Self-Regulation and Attachment,” 2010. $470,677.


V. F. Reyna (PI), United States Department of Agriculture (National Institute of Food and Agriculture), “Reducing Risk-Taking in Adolescence Using Gist-Based Curricula,” 2009-2012. $49,500.

V. F. Reyna (PI) & C.J. Brainerd (PI), National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Aging), “Low-Burden Tools for Improving Prediction and Diagnoses of Cognitive Impairment,” 2009-2011. $764,069.

V. F. Reyna (Co-PI), United States Department of Agriculture, “De-Stigmatizing Fruits and Vegetables in School Cafeterias,” 2009-2011. $29,000.