Judgment Funding and Awards

The ISS Judgment Project’s faculty fellows have been awarded over $10,187,828 (as of 2015) in funding and fellowship awards since the start of their project’s term. This funding includes external awards of $10,006,328 and internal awards of $181,500.


P.K. Enns with N. Kelly, J. Morgan, C. Witko. Russell Sage Foundation, “Rising Inequality and the Congressional Economic Agenda.” $70,000.

V. Hans with L. Friedman, M. Gomez, M. Murayama. National Science Foundation, “Expanding Law and Social Science Research by International Research Collaboration.” (SES-1556070) $293,250.


V. Hans with V. Reyna. F, National Science Foundation, “Quantitative Judgments in Law: Studies of Damage Award Decision Making.”$389,996.


P.K. Enns with M. Fitzpatrick, A. Haskins, J. Kohler-Hasumann, and C. Wildeman. Cornell University Institute for the Social Sciences Theme Project, “The Causes, Consequences, and Future of Mass Incarceration in the United States,” 2015-2018. $150,000.

D.J Benjamin. Swedish Research Council, “Genoeconomics.”

J. Frank. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s John E. Sawyer Seminar Award, “The Political Will,” 2014-2015. $175,000.


D. Dunning. Thrive Center for Human Development, “Cognitive Habits of Intellectual Humility,” 2013-2015. $155,556.

P.K. Enns, N. Kelly, J. Morgan, and C. Witko. Russell Sage Foundation, “Campaign Funding, Political Rhetoric, and the Public (Non)Response to Rising Inequality,” 2013-2016. $192,163.

P.K. Enns. Cornell Digital Collections, “Local Newspapers and Political Rhetoric,” 2013. $10,000.

P.K. Enns and Jon Schuldt. Cornell University Courses Initiative, “Taking America’s Pulse,”  2013-2014. $15,000.

V. Hans. Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University, “International Collaborative Empirical Research on Juries and Other Lay Participation Systems.” $2,500.

O. Heffetz. Half Century Faculty Research Fellowship, Johnson, Cornell University, 2013-2014. $4,000.

E. Owens, (Co-PIs) David Weisburd, Geoffrey Alpert, and Karen Amendola. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, “Promoting Officer Integrity Through Early Engagements and Procedural Justice,” 2013-2015. $341,469.

V.F. Reyna, William Schulze, David Dunning, Ted O’Donoghue, Brian Wansink, Barbara Ganzel, Henning Voss. National Institutes of Health, “The Gist of Hot and Cold Cognition in Adolescents’ Risky Decision Making,” 2013. $1,769,043.

V.F. Reyna. United States Department of Agriculture,“Health and the Brain: Supporting Research-Community Partnerships in Human Development and Neuroscience Research,” 2013-2016. $75,000.


D.J. Benjamin. NIH/NIA, “Finding Out What People Believe,” 2012. $30,700.

D.J. Benjamin. The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, “Genoeconomics,” 2012-1014. $603,710.

P.K. Enns. Russell Sage Foundation, “The Great Recession and State Criminal Justice Policy: Explaining the Unexpected,” 2012. $77,766.

V. Zayas. NSF, “CAREER: Implicit Ambivalence in Close Relationships,” 2012-2017. $1,186,864.

V. Zayas (Co-PI) and V. Reyna (PI). John Templeton Foundation, “Understanding and Guiding Values,” 2012-2013. $270,000.


D.J. Benjamin (PI), NIH/OBSSR. Supplement for “Workshop for the Formation of a Social Science Genetic Association Consortium (EAGER)”, 2011-2013. $47,499.

D.J. Benjamin, NIH/NIA. “Using the Dynamics of Happiness to Measure the Subjective Importance of Events,”

V. Hans, Barbara Yngvesson, David M. Engel, Masayuki Murayama, Sally E. Merry; National Science Foundation. “Transforming Cross-National Theory and Research through International Research Collaboratives.” (through the Law and Society Association). (SES-1126004). 2011-2013. $175,750.

M.S. Kimball (PI) and D.J. Benjamin (Co-PI), NIH/NIA, “Using the Dynamics of Happiness to Measure the Subjective Importance of Events,” (R01 AG040787), 2011-2016. $474,083.

V. F. Reyna (PI), National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute), “A Web Tutor to Help Women Decide About Testing for Genetic Breast Cancer Risk,” 2011-2013. $416,952.

V. Zayas (Co-PI) and W.G Lichtenthal (PI), NIH, “Attention & Interpretation Modification for Fear of Breast Cancer Recurrence, 2011-2013.


L. Barseghyan (PI), Francesca Molinari (Co-PI), and Ted O’Donoghue (Co-PI), NSF, “An Empirical Investigation into the Nature of Risk Preferences,” 2010-2013. $322,550.

D.J. Benjamin (PI), NSF, Workshop for the Formation of a Social Science Genetic Association Consortium (EAGER), 2010-2011. $51,750.

D.J. Benjamin (PI), NIH/NIA, “Measuring Preferences Needed to Guide Saving and Investing for Retirement,” (R21 AG037741), 2010-2012. $405,793.

E. Owens (PI), President’s Council of Cornell Women Affinito-Stewart Grant “Do Crime Victims Respond to Financial Incentives,” 2010.

T.E. O’Donoghue (co-PI), “An Empirical Investigation into the Nature of Risk Preferences,” National Science Foundation, 2010-2013, $322,550.

O. Heffetz, (co-PI),“The Effects of Roads on Indigenous People’s Well-Being and Use of Natural Resources: A Natural Experiment in Lowland Bolivia,” 2010-2012. $331,317.

V. F. Reyna, (PI), United States Department of Agriculture (National Institute of Food and Agriculture), “Building Research-Community Partnerships to Reduce Risk-Taking in Adolescence,” 2010-2013. $76,867.

V. F. Reyna, (PI), United States Department of Agriculture, “Using Information Technology to Support Research-Based Community Partnerships,” 2010-2013. $90,000.

V. F. Reyna, (Mentor), National Institutes of Health, “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Prevention of Paranoia in Adolescents at High Risk,” 2010-2012. $256,000.

V. Zayas (PI) with W. Mischel (Co-PI), NIH, “Early Precursors and Neural Correlates of Adult Self-Regulation and Attachment,” 2010. $470,677.


V. F. Reyna (PI), United States Department of Agriculture (National Institute of Food and Agriculture), “Reducing Risk-Taking in Adolescence Using Gist-Based Curricula,” 2009-2012. $148,500.

V. F. Reyna (PI) & C.J. Brainerd (PI), National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Aging), “Low-Burden Tools for Improving Prediction and Diagnoses of Cognitive Impairment,” 2009-2011. $756,523.

V. F. Reyna (Co-PI), United States Department of Agriculture, “De-Stigmatizing Fruits and Vegetables in School Cafeterias,” 2009-2011. $29,000.