Judgment Affiliates

All Cornell faculty, staff, and students are eligible to become affiliates of the ISS JDSB theme project. Affiliates receive notification of all theme project events and are listed on this web page. To join, please send an email specifying the theme project you would like to join, your title (faculty, graduate student, postdoc, staff, etc.) and the department you are affiliated with to socialsciences@cornell.edu.

As JDSB Team Affiliates, you will receive the general announcement for each workshop. If, however, you’d like to be specifically queried about meeting with speakers, you’ll need to join the relevant distribution lists:

  • BEDR Workshop: Contact Danielle Yvette Dean-Manzer (dyd1@cornell.edu) who will be coordinating the schedule each week and will add you to the single distribution list she uses.
  • Behavioral Economics Workshop: Contact Ted O’Donoghue (edo1@cornell.edu) and let him know whether you are (i) Faculty that would like to be specifically queried each week (multiple times) about meeting with the speaker. (ii) Graduate students who will be specifically queried each week about having lunch with the speaker.


Cornell Faculty
Rosemary Batt Human Resource Studies
Natalie Bazarova Communication
Vicki Bogan Applied Economics & Management
Stephen Ceci Human Development
HaeEun Helen Chun Hotel Administration
Erin York Cornwell Sociology
Janis Dickinson Natural Resources
Brian Dillon Applied Economics & Management
David Dunning Psychology
Peter Enns Government
Oren Falk History
Melissa Ferguson Psychology
Geoffrey Fisher Applied Economics & Management
Robert Frank Johnson Graduate School of Management
Srinagesh Gavirneni Johnson Graduate School of Management
Ardyth Gillespie Nutritional Sciences
Tom Gilovich Psychology
Valerie Hans Law
Ori Heffetz Johnson Graduate School of Management
George Jakubson Labor Economics
Namji Jung City and Regional Planning
David Kay Development Sociology
Nicholas M. Kiefer Economics
Sheryl Kimes Hotel Administration
Kevin Kniffin Applied Economics and Management
Renata Kosova Hotel Administration
Corinna Loeckenhoff Human Development
Victor Nee Sociology
Ted O’Donoghue Economics
Emily Owens Policy Analysis and Management
David Pizarro Psychology
Jeffrey Rachlinski Law
Dennis Regan Psychology
Valerie Reyna Human Development, Director of the Human Neuroscience Institute
Jay Russo Johnson Graduate School of Management
Dawn Schrader Communication
William Schulze Applied Economics & Management
Stewart Schwab Law School
Michael Shapiro Communication
Rohit Verma Service Operations Management
Michele Williams Organizational Behavior
Wendy Williams Human Development
Connie Yuan Communication
Vivian Zayas Psychology
Postdoctoral Associates /Research Associates
B.K. Kye Policy Analysis and Management
Graduate Students
Kiel Albrecht Economics
Phil Armour Economics
Stav Atir Psychology
Javier Perez Burgos City and Regional Planning
Chris Cameron Sociology
Jessica Cao Applied Economics & Management
Chrissie Chick Human Development
Jeremy Cone Williams College
Edgar Cordova Johnson Graduate School of Management
William DeFraine IV Human Development
Jun Fukukura Psychology
Michael Genkin Sociology
Eric Gladstone Sociology
Scott Golder Sociology
Jennifer Haddan Government
Elaine Hill Applied Economics & Management
Matthew Hoffberg Sociology
Ahmed Jaber Economics
Min-Taec Kim Economics
Amit Kumar Psychology
Priya Mukherjee Economics
Jason Oaks Government
Gayathri Pandey Psychology
Seth Pardo Human Development
Emily Taylor Poppe Sociology
Daniel Reeves Economics
Jason Somerville Economics
Russell Toth Economics
Christopher Vrendenburgh Human Development
Lin Xu Economics
Jin Xu Economics
Xiaolan Xu Applied Economics & Management
Sybil Yang Hotel Administration
Erdal Yilmaz Applied Physics
Ningxi Zhang Sociology
Nan Zhou Economics
Janos Zsiros Economics
Undergraduate Students
Michael Shores Policy, Analysis & Management
Kelly Speiser Alumni Affairs
Pamela Strausser Organizational Development
Beyond Cornell
Shreya Amin Sociology, Ithaca, NY
Daniel Benjamin  Center for Economics and Social Research, University of Southern California
Cagla Aydin Assistant Professor at Sabanci University, Istanbul Turkey
Nimat Hafez Barazangi CU Alumna and Research Fellow, Retired
Maria Bodiu CU Alumna
Amy Campbell Upstate Medical, Syracuse
Xi Chen Yale University
Aubrey Davis Multnomah Co. Disabilities Program
Greg DeAngelo Claremont Graduate University
Thomas Eisenberg Swarthmore College
Laura Ford Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy (CU Alumna)
Sarah Furlan CU Alumna
Debra Goldman Columbia University
Satoshi Kanazawa London School of Economics & Political Science
Richard Patterson United States Military Academy
Sara Pines Salvation Army
Alex Rees-Jones University of Pennsylvania
Emily Rosenzweig CU Alumna
Kyle Siler CU Alumnus and Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University
Edward Swayze Human Service Coalition, Tomp Co.
Nichole Szembrot Assistant Professor, Trinity College (CU Alumna)