Immigration Student Research Grant Winners

The ISS Immigration project awarded grants to student research projects on themes related to immigration. All awardees are graduate students unless noted otherwise.

Fall 2012

Cohort Article: From Nepali Asylum Seekers to Thai Construction Workers, Immigration Research Wins Support
Ting Hui Lau
Floating Minorities: Investigating Techniques of Coping with Mental and Physical Health Issues Among Ethnic Minority Migrants in Urban China
Katie Rainwater
Development Sociology
The Men Who are Building Singapore? The Labor Market Segmentation of Thai and Bangladeshi Migrant Construction Workers
Kathleen Sexsmith
Development Sociology
Milking Invisible Networks: Transnational Moral Economies in Modern Dairy Production
Tina Shrestha
Sociocultural Anthropology
Working the Papers: Nepali Experience of Labor, Language and Legalization in New York City
Lingwen Zheng
A Longitudinal Analysis of Immigrant Earnings Accounting State Fixed Effect and a Comparison between Asian and Hispanic Immigrants

Spring 2011

Kunbi Adefule CIPA Ley 70: The (Un)intended impact on Afro-Colombian communities
Mallika Banerjee ILR Ethnic Clustering and Career Strategies of High Skilled Immigrants: A Study of the Emergence and Assimilation of a New Organizational Population
Noelle Brigden Government Violent Journeys: Migrant Decision-Making along Unauthorized Routes from El Salvador through the United States
Lauren Honig Government Drawing the Boundaries of Membership in Africa: Patterns of Migrant Inclusion (and Exclusion) in Senegal
Elan Jones ILR “It wasn’t supposed to be like this:” Understanding the Resulting Disconnect when Migrant Experiences and Expectations do not Coincide
Research Highlight: ISS student research grant recipient recounts her own journey to becoming an immigration researcher (September 2011)
Sabia McCoy-Torres Anthropology “Just Ask Me ‘Bout Brooklyn”: dancehall reggae culture and The Formation of Transnational Jamaican Identities
Marion Robine (Undergraduate) Biology Healthy Nutrition for Children of Immigrant Families: American and Traditional Ways. Pilot Program in Upstate New York
Tina Shrestha Anthropology The everyday immigrant-integration: Nepali refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrant workers in New York City
Kathleen Sexsmith Development Sociology Migration, Production, and Social Reproduction: Guatemalan workers on New York and Quebec Dairy Farms
Ivan Small Anthropology Generational Shifts in Vietnamese American Collective Remittance Giving
Maite Tapia ILR Labor and the Integration of Immigrant Workers: Germany, France, the United States and United Kingdom in Comparative Perspective