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Cornell University Programs:

ISS Immigration Theme Project
: The core activities of this theme project will knit together the expertise of immigration researchers across campus and to build on this expertise to foster collaborative, interdisciplinary research outcomes, expanding the theoretical frontier of immigration studies, while building on and strengthening the institutional resources for immigration studies available at Cornell.
Cornell Farmworker Program (CFP): The Cornell Farmworker Program (CFP) is dedicated to improving the living and working conditions of farmworkers and their families. We also seek recognition for farmworkers’ contributions to society and their acceptance and full participation in local communities.

Cornell Law School Clinical Program: Immigration Appellate Law and Advocacy Clinic:
We are one of the only law school clinics in the country that focus exclusively on appellate immigration cases. Under the supervision of the Clinic Directors, law students represent immigrants fleeing persecution in their appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

Immigrant Farmworker Initiative:
The IFI works to meet the needs of the immigrant farmworker community through local on-farm outreach and education. We also advocate for immigrant farmworkers at Cornell University through informational events. We invite all interested students to contribute ideas to the initiative.

Cornell Library Research Guides

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Research, Data and Publication Websites

The Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (CCIS)
(University of California, San Diego)
A campuswide research unit of the University of California-San Diego, CCIS conducts basic and policy-oriented Research Projects on international migration and refugee flows throughout the world.

Center for Immigration Studies (CIS)
The CIS, based in Washington, D.C., sponsors CISNEWS, a subscription news service ( and carries out policy research on U.S. immigration policy issues. A number of its reports focus on the labor market impact of immigrants in the USA.

The Centre on Migration Policy and Society (COMPAS) (University of Oxford)
The ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) focuses on understanding conditions surrounding migration in areas of origin, transit and destination. It collaborates with RSC towards an integrated approach to the study of migration, particularly concerning situations and policies affecting asylum-seekers.

Center for Migration Studies (CMS)
The CMS, based in New York City, has the largest specialized library on migration, refugees and ethnic groups in the USA and publishes International Migration Review, the leading scholarly journal on international migration.

Centre for Mobilities Research (Lancaster University)
The Centre for Mobilities Research at Lancaster contributes to deciphering the increasingly problematic nature of a mobile world, by producing new theories, research and policy instruments.

Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research (CMMR) (University of Southern California)
The Center is an organized research unit at the University of Southern California, facilitating the research collaboration, dissemination and professional development activities of faculty, students, and others across the School of Education, university community and outside organizations.

Centre for Refugee Studies (York University, Canada)
The Centre for Refugee Studies informs public discussion as well as policy development and practice innovation by international, governmental, advocacy and service organizations; and it supports teaching in refugee and migration studies.

Center for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (CEIFO) (Stockholm University)
CEIFO – is an inter-disciplinary research unit at Stockholm University. Its principal aim is to coordinate and develop research in the field of international migration and ethnic relations.

Institute for the Study of International Migration (Georgetown University)
ISIM focuses on the causes of and potential responses to population movements, immigration and refugee law and policy, comparative migration studies, the integration of immigrants into their host societies, and the effects of international migration on social, economic, demographic, foreign policy and national security concerns.

Migration News
The University of California-Davis publishes 2 monthly news summaries (U.S. Migration News; and Rural Migration News) that have information on articles published in the past month on migration. The News summaries cover U.S. as well as international migration events.

Migration Policy Institute
 and Migration Information Source
The MPI, based in Washington, D.C., is an excellent source for information on U.S. immigration and international migration trends in other countries.

Migration Research Unit (MRU) in the Department of Geography at University College, London (UCL)
The Migration Research Unit (MRU) contributes to knowledge on patterns and trends in migration at the national, European and global levels and to the development of new conceptual approaches to the study of migration.

Refugee Studies Programme (University of Oxford)
The Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) is renowned for pioneering multidisciplinary research and teaching on the causes and consequences of forced migration

Sussex Centre for Migration Research (University of Sussex)
The center seeks to influence understanding of migration and the policies that affect migrants. It provides doctoral and masters-level training in Migration Studies, and also publishes theJournal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Government and Intergovernmental Websites on Immigration

U.S. Government Policy Sites:

Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS)
This BCIS operates out of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and provides immigration and citizenship information and services to immigrants. Before 2003, the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) provided these services.

Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
The ICE operates out of DHS and enforces immigration and customs laws within the United States. The ICE is responsible for identifying vulnerabilities in the nation’s border, economic, air and marine transportation, and infrastructure systems.

Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
The Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) operates out of the Department of State and coordinates international migration policy and coordinates bilateral and multilateral cooperation on migration. It works closely with the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)
The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) operates out of the Department of Health and Human Services to facilitate refugee resettlement by offering refugees services that include English language training, cash and medical assistance, and employment preparation and job placement.

U.S. Census Bureau/American Factfinder
The Bureau publishes statistics on the foreign-born population, U.S.-born population, and the social, economic and demographic characteristics of the population. In addition, data are available for different size geographic areas: the nation, states, counties, metropolitan areas, cities, and smaller units.

International Sites:

Global Commission on International Migration
Thirty plus countries supported GCIM, which carried out an extensive review of the links between migration and development in order to identify policy measures to improve management of migration flows and strengthen cooperation within and between countries.

Global Forum on Migration and Development
The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) is a recent initiative of the United Nations Member States to address the migration and development interconnections in practical and action-oriented ways.

Global Migration Group
The Global Migration Group (GMG) is an inter-agency group bringing together heads of agencies to promote the wider application of all relevant international and regional instruments and norms relating to migration, and to encourage the adoption of more coherent, comprehensive and better coordinated approaches to the issue of international migration.

The Metropolis Project
The International Metropolis Project is a forum for bridging research, policy and practice on migration and diversity. Metropolis sponsors an annual conference on policy-relevant research on migration and diversity issues.

International Labour Organization
The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the UN specialized agency which seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights.

International Organization for Migration
The IOM is the main intergovernmental organization that deals with international migration issues. It publishes International Migration (a journal of scientific and policy research on international) and sponsors a virtual library of research centers, networks, publications, and meetings.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The OECD brings together the governments of countries committed to democracy and the market economy from around the world to: Support sustainable economic growth; Boost employment; Raise living standards; Maintain financial stability; Assist other countries’ economic development; Contribute to growth in world trade.

United Nations Population Division
The Division organized the United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Migration and Development in 2006/2007, including an international conference in Turin, Italy. Annually it hosts an intergovernmental, NGO, and policy coordination meeting on international migration.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
The UNHCR leads and co-ordinates international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. It is the main source of statistics on refugees and tracks how appeals for asylum and refugee protection change annually.

The overall aim of UNESCO’s programme on International Migration is to promote the respect for the human rights of migrants, and to contribute to peaceful integration of migrants in society.


“Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States: January 2006”
Michael Hoeffer, Nancy Rytina, and Christopher Campbell
Population Estimates, August 2007.  Office of Immigration Statistics, Policy Directorate, Department of Homeland Security.

Research Groups

Latin America:
Latin America Database Latin America Working Group

Asia Pacific Migration Research Network (APMRN)
Asian Migrant Centre
The Scalabrini Migration Center
Asian Research Center for Migration (ARCM)

Central European Forum for Migration and Population Research

European Research Centre on Migration & Ethnic Relations (ERCOMER)
European Forum for Migration Studies (EFMS) (Bamberg University, Germany)International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion (IMISCOE)

Southern African Migration Project

University Programs

Columbia University:
The Master of Public Health (MPH) Forced Migration and Health (Department of Population and Family Health)
Program on International Migration (Law School)

Joint program of seven European Universities:
European PhD in Migration, Diversity and Identities

Georgetown University:
Certificate in Refugees & Humanitarian Emergencies

Queen Mary, University of London (UK):
MSc in Migration Studies (through the Centre for the Study of Migration and the Department of Politics)

Universiteit van Amsterdam (Netherlands):
MA and PhD in Migration and Ethnic Studies (joint program with Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies and International School for the humanities and social sciences)

University of California, San Diego:
MA in Latin American Studies, International Migration Concentration (Joint program between Latin American Studies and the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies)
Undergraduate Minor in International Migration Studies

University of Kent, at Brussels School of International Studies (UK/Belgium):
MA in Migration Studies

University of Oxford (UK):
MPhil in Migration Studies (Anthropology)
MSc in Forced Migration (Development Studies)

University of Sussex (UK):
MA in Migration Studies
MSc in Comparative and Cross-Cultural Research Methods (Migration Studies)
Dphil in Migration Studies

University of Witwatersrand (South Africa):
Honors Degree in Forced Migration Studies
MA in Forced Migration Studies
PhD in Forced Migration Studies

York University (Canada):
The Graduate Diploma Program in Refugee and Migration Studies
Undergraduate General Certificate Program in Refugee and Migration Studies