All Small Grants

Spring 2018

“Too-big-to-fail” and Historical Banking Crises
Matt Baron,  SC Johnson College of Business

Estimating Risk Preferences with Limited Consideration
Levon Barseghyan, Economics
Francesca Molinari, Economics

Revolutionizing Assessment of Children’s Early Numerical Abilities with Portable EEG
Daniel Casasanto, Human Development

Libertarian Noir: Unsettled Histories of Exit and Enclosure
Raymond Craib, History

Work that Kills: The Social Life of a Bosnian Weapons Factory
Saida Hodžić, Anthropology; Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

How Car Donation Programs Change the Lives of Poor Families
Nicholas Klein, City and Regional Planning

Ecological Learning Collaboratory for Food, Healing, and Spatial Justice
Neema Kudva, City and Regional Planning
Rachel Bezner-Kerr, Development Sociology
Stacey Langwick, Anthropology

Water Conservation and Management: Agricultural Water Use, Climate Change, and Government Policy
C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

A Critical Examination of After School Programming at Racially Diverse, Title I Middle Schools in Urban Communities
Tashara M. Leak, Division of Nutritional Sciences

Paying for Privacy While Selling your Data?
Aija Leiponen, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

Gender, qualifications, and preferential hiring: Who gets hired, and under which conditions?
Neil Lewis, Communication

Minority Hiring Quotas and Worker/Firm Match Quality: Evidence from Brazil
Evan Riehl, Economics

Authoritative and Contentious Knowledge: Democracy in the Era of “Fake News”
Kenneth Roberts, Government

Collaborative Documentation of the Endangered Language Bororo
Mats Rooth, Linguistics
Pedro Rabelo Erber, Romance Studies

Cross-cultural Public Opinion on Climate Change Amid Global Energy Transitions
Jonathon Schuldt, Communication

Cascades and Fluctuations in an Economy with an Endogenous Production Network
Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel, Economics

Status and the Politics of National Decline
Steven Ward, Government

China’s Tree Crop Explosion: Impacts on Rural Development, Livelihoods, and Environmental Change
John Zinda, Development Sociology

Fall 2017

Thinking Big: Workshop on Macro-Development Policy
Kaushik Basu, Economics
Julieta Caunedo, Economics

Are Trump Supporters Increasing in Prejudice? Assessments and Mechanisms from Psychological, Sociological, and Political Science Perspectives
Melissa Ferguson, Psychology

Kings and Dictators: Asia’s New Authoritarianians and the Legacy of Monarchy (Conference)
Magnus Fiskesjö, Anthropology
Kaja McGowan, History

Is Colombia Ready for a Sustainable Cocoa Boom? Developing a Baseline Knowledge on the Productive Practices, Biodiversity Conditions and Environmental Performance of Cocoa Production in a Post-Conflict Context
Miguel I. Gómez, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Ximena Fajardo, Management, University of the Andes

Endline Survey for Election Violence Project in Liberia
Sabrina Karim, Government

Ottoman-Ethiopian Relations and the Geopolitics of Colonialism in East Africa
Mostafa Minawi, History

Polarized Beliefs and Discrimination
Eleonora Patacchini, Economics
Jorgen Harris, Economics

The Effects of Employee Ownership on Executive Compensation
Michael T. Paz, SC Johnson College of Business
Christopher Boone, SC Johnson College of Business
Sean Rogers, SC Johnson College of Business

Articulating South Asian Feminist Visions for Technology
Phoebe Sengers, Information Science and Science & Technology Studies
Nicola Dell, Information Science
Palashi Vaghela, Information Science

Reasoning and Trust
Jed Stiglitz, Law School

Can the Attentional Boost Effect Mitigate Racial Bias?
Khena Swallow, Psychology
Amy Krosch, Psychology
Bohan Li, Psychology

How Housing and Labor Market Conditions Influence the Progression of Romantic Relationships
Laura Tach, Policy Analysis and Management
Sharon Sassler, Policy Analysis and Management

Embodying Social Inequality During a Time of War: A Bioarchaeological Study of Childhood Health in the Late Prehispanic Andes
Matthew Velasco, Anthropology

Restoring Credit: How people Understand and Interact with Credit Scoring Systems
Malte Ziewitz, Science and Technology Studies
Ranjit Singh, Science and Technology Studies

Spring 2017

Cohort Highlight: ISS supporting faculty research projects, conference

Unions and the Postwar European “Economic Miracle”
Murillo Campello, Johnson Graduate School of Management
Mathew Baron, Johnson Graduate School of Management

Gender Inequalities in Social Media Work: Digital Labor as a New “Pink Ghetto”?
Brooke Duffy, Communication

Mobile Phones in Public
Lee Humphreys, Communication

The Farm to Plate Conference: Uniting to Create, Educate, and Celebrate a Sustainable and Equitable Local Food System
Rachel Bezner Kerr, Development Sociology
Noliwe Rooks, Africana Studies

Promoting Healthy Eating among Poor Children: Information, Affordability, and Accessibility on Food Consumption in Ethiopia
Hyuncheol Bryant Kim, Policy Analysis and Management

Social Influence and Reward Learning in Discriminatory Decision Making
Amy Krosch, Psychology

Promoting Conservation of a Risk-Laden Species Using One Health Risk Messaging: The Case of White Nose Syndrome in Bats
Katherine McComas, Communication
Bruce Lauber, Natural Resources
Heidi Kretser, Natural Resources

Access Denied: Poverty, Politics and Civil Representation
Jamila Michener, Government
Mallory SoRelle, Lafayette College, Government and Law

Further Education During Unemployment
Zhuan Pei, Policy Analysis and Management
Pauline Leung, Policy Analysis and Management

Presence in Mediated Social Interactions Leads to Absence from the Here-and-Now
Andrea Stevenson Won, Communication

When Do People Perceive Their Positive Outcomes as Unfair?
Emily Zitek, Industrial and Labor Relations

Fall 2016

Cohort Highlight: ISS jump-starts new research led by junior faculty

Practice What You Preach: Gender (In)Equality in Labor Union Leadership
Rachel Aleks, Industrial and Labor Relations
Tina Saksida, School of Business, University of Prince Edward Island

Consumer Understanding of Information on OTC Product and Rx Drug Advertisements: A Pilot Study
Rosemary Avery, Policy Analysis and Management
Jeff Niederdeppe, Communication
Sahara Byrne, Communication
Matthew Eisenberg, Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

Life Abroad: Spanish-Speaking Communities in Anglophone Cities in the Americas
Ernesto Bassi, History

The Politics of American State Constitution-Making
David Bateman, Government

Neighborhood Preferences and School Choice
Kendra Bischoff, Sociology

Agricultural Productivity Gaps: Feedbacks from Human Capital and Equipment Embodied Technology Adoption
Julieta Caunedo, Economics
Elisa Keller, Economics, University of Exeter Business School
David Jaume, Economics

Ordering Effects and Cognitive Bias in Law
Zachary D. Clopton, Law
Carmen Sanchez, Psychology

The Cornell Criminal Records Panel Survey (CCRPS): Sample Expansion and Linkage to Administrative Records
Erin York Cornwell, Sociology
Martin Wells, Statistical Sciences
Lars Vilhuber, Economics
Esta R. Bigler, Industrial and Labor Relations
Linda Barrington, Institute for Compensation Studies (ILR)
Hassan Enayati, Institute for Compensation Studies (ILR)

Childhood Poverty, Health, and Behavior: Biological and Psychosocial Pathways
Gary W. Evans, Design & Environmental Analysis and Human Development

Why Is There a Valuation Discount for Dual-Class Firms?
Hyunseob Kim, Johnson Graduate School of Management

Individuals’ Need to Feel “True” to Themselves during Life Transitions and How Charitable Organizations can be Positioned to Fulfill the Need
Soo Kim, Johnson Graduate School of Management

The Impact of the 2008-2009 Economic Recession on Service Intensity in Physician Offices
Jing Li, Healthcare Research and Policy
Alice Chen, University of Southern California Price School of Public Policy

The Starbucks Effect: How Consumer Identification Impacts Consumer Preferences
Stijn M. J. van Osselaer, Johnson Graduate School of Management
Sarah Lim, Johnson Graduate School of Management

Employee Incentives in Microfinance Institutions:Examining the Importance of Diversification and Profit Status
Sarah E. Wolfolds, Applied Economics & Management

Social Affiliation and Music-Induced Synchrony in Dance
Vivian Zayas, Psychology
Olivia Xin Wen, Psychology
Carol Lynne Krumhansl, Psychology

Spring 2016

Cohort Highlight: ISS Supports 15 Research Projects, and Three Conferences

The Impact of Restaurant Menu Labeling on Food Choice
John Cawley, Policy Analysis and Management
Alex Susskind, Food & Beverage Management

Housing Redevelopment and the Evolution of Suburban Immigrant Communities
Suzanne Lanyi Charles, City and Regional Planning

Exile and Enclosure
Raymond Craib, History

Dissociating the Effects of Attention and Expectation on Visual Conscious Perception
Shimon Edelman, Psychology

Crafting Modern Islam: Mustafa Kemal’s Turkey in Southeast Asia (1920s-1940s)
Chiara Formichi, Asian Studies

Latin American Alternatives to the Security Prison: An Ethnographic Study of Prisoner Self-Governance and Survival
Chris Garces, Anthropology
Sacha Darke, Visiting Scholar, Latin Studies Program

Altruism Pays: How Marketing Exclusively to Free Patients at Aravind Eye Hospitals Supports the Enterprise
Sachin Gupta, Marketing, JGSM

The Fifth Urie Bronfenbrenner Conference – Minimizing the Collateral Damage: Interventions to Diminish the Consequences of Mass Incarceration for Children
Anna Haskins, Sociology
Christopher Wildeman, Policy Analysis and Management

The Impact of Accountable Care Organizations on Physician Referral Patterns
Samuel Kleiner, Policy Analysis and Management

The Power of Skin in East Africa
Stacey Langwick, Anthropology

Gist in Criminal Adjudication: Testing the Effects of Mental Representation on Juror Deliberations and Verdicts
Valerie Reyna, Human Development
Valerie Hans, Law

The Catholic Origins of French Dignity
Camille Robcis, History

Creative Academic Writing: Exploring the Relationship between Artful Prose and Scholarly Production
Aaron Sachs, History
John Forester, City and Regional Planning
Paul Sawyer, English

Manufacturing Revolutions: The Rise and Decline of a Chinese Automobile City
Victor Seow, History

Enhancing the Community Impact of School-Based Health Centers in Rural New York
John Sipple, Development Sociology
Sharon Tennyson, Policy Analysis and Management

The Economic Consequences of the Language of Immigration
Mallika Thomas, Economics, ILR

Do Policies Affect Father Involvement, and How Much Does Involvement Reduce Inequality in Child Outcomes?
Maureen Waller, Policy Analysis and Management
Daniel Miller, Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Boston University
Lenna Nepomnyaschy, School of Social Work, Rutgers University

Understanding the Impact of Austerity on New York’s Local Governments
Mildred Warner, City and Regional Planning
Yunji Kim, Grad Student, City and Regional Planning

Fall 2015

Cohort Highlight: ISS grants support research on health care, history. (Cornell Chronicle, December 6, 2015).

The Causes and Consequences of Financial Crises Evidence from new historical data, 1900-2015
Matthew Baron, JGSM

Understanding Our Influence Over Others’ Moral Decisions
Vanessa Bohns, ILR

LabPhon15-Speech Dynamics and Phonological Representation
Abigail Cohn, Linguistics
Sam Tilsen, Linguistics

Influence of Body State on Cognition and Emotion in Shaping Environmental Interactions: Implications for Aging
Eve DeRosa, Human Development

Postcolonial Commemorations: how Revolutionaries Became Freedom Fighters in Independent India
Durba Ghosh, History

Developing a Longitudinal Database of Smallholder Coffee Growers to Assess Impacts of Participation in Specialty Markets
Miguel Gomez, AEM

The Nth of the Month Effect: Consumer and Retailer Response to SNAP Benefit
Tatiana Homonoff, PAM

Economic Methods for Historians Workshop (aka History of Capitalism Summer Camp)
Louis Hyman, ILR

Labor Unions and the Spread of Healthcare-Associated Infections
Adam Seth Litwin, ILR

Using Cost Effectiveness Analysis to Assess the Double Up Food Bucks Farmers’ Market Incentive Program for SNAP Participants
Rebecca Seguin, Nutritional Sciences

Political Economy and Public Law Conference
Jed Stiglitz, Law

Exploring the Role of Culture in Event Segmentation
Khena Swallow, Psychology

Citizens and the State in Authoritarian Regimes: Comparing Mass Politics and Policy in Russia and China
Jessica Chen Weiss, Government

The Impact of Noise and Perceived Crowding on Consumer Emotions and Repatronage Intentions in a Food Service Context: An Exploratory Study in a Real and Virtual Restaurant
So-Yeon Yoon, Design and Environmental Analysis

The Value of Mandated Sick Pay for the U.S.
Nicolas Ziebarth, PAM

Spring 2015

Cohort Highlight: ISS funds oral histories, election surveys, other work

Neurogenetic Sources of Individual Variation in Sensitivity to the Environment
Adam Anderson, Human Development

Leveraging the Commercialization of Animal Bone-Derived Biofertilizers to Create Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Landless Poor in Ethiopia
Garrick Blalock, Applied Management and Economics
Johannes Lehmann, Crop and Soil Science

The Political Economy of Taxation in Latin America
Gustavo Flores-Macías, Government

Exploring Conflict, Improvisation and Governance through Practice-Focused Oral Histories: Advancing an International Network of Applied Research
John Forester, City & Regional Planning

The Scarring Effect of Recessions: A Quantitative Analysis
Christopher Huckfeldt, Economics

Comparative Assessment of Intra-Personal and Inter-Personal Emotion Regulation in Robotic Versus Laparoscopic Surgery
Malte Jung, Information Science
Steven Jackson, Information Science

Economic Hardship, Citizen Policy Preferences and Political Participation in the Eurozone Periphery: Evidence from Spain
Alexander Kuo, Government
José Fernández-Albertos, Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales

The Political Economy of the Energy Industry in U.S. States
Claire Lim, Economics

Marginal Tax Rates and Income: New Time Series Evidence
Karel Mertens, Economics

Developing Methods for Joint Analysis of Closed-Ended and Open-Ended Survey Data
David Mimno, Information Science
Eric Baumer, Communication, Information Science

Where Has STS Travelled?
Trevor Pinch, Science & Technology Studies
Michael Lynch, Science & Technology Studies
Bruce Lewenstein, Communication, Science & Technology Studies

Effects of Perceived Economic Inequality on Sustainability and Collective Action
Jonathon Schuldt, Communication

Love and Terror: The Meaning of the Manson Murders in American Culture, 1969-Present
Claudia Verhoeven, History

On the Causal Effect of Income Taxes on Corporate Risk-Taking and Hedging: Evidence from State Income Tax Changes
Luo Zuo, Accounting
Alexander Ljungqvist, NYU
Liandong Zhang, City University of Hong Kong

Fall 2014

Cohort Highlight: Institute for the Social Sciences supports diverse faculty research (December 4, 2014).

Complementarities of Irrigation and Extension Services in Nepal
Christopher B. Barrett, AEM

Cooperative Membership and Preference Alteration: A Field Experiment on Trust, Time and Risk amongst Coffee Farmers in Colombia
Arnab K. Basu, AEM
Miguel Gómez, AEM

Investigating Constant Social Media Use Among College Students
Natalya Bazarova, Communications

Capital Obsolescence and Agricultural Productivity
Julieta Caunedo, Economics

What is the Subjective Cost of Carbon? Exploring the Economic Evaluation of Environmental Information From a Cognitive, Decision-Based Approach
Ricardo A. Daziano, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jonathon Schuldt, Communications
Rolf Noyer, Linguistics

Precarity and Migrant Labor: Consular Protection as a Case of Transnational Labor Advocacy
Shannon Gleeson, ILR

Mechanisms of Morality: Why the U.S. Public Supports Humanitarian Interventions
Sarah Kreps, Government
Sarah Maxey, Government

Contributions of Undergraduate Team Experiences to Professional Preparedness
Poppy L. Mcleod, Communications
Alicia Orta-Ramírez, Food Science

Can Public Institutions Resolve Information Asymmetries? Historical Evidence From
the French Wine Market
Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, AEM
Pierre Mérel, University of California, Davis

Balancing Risks: Making Smart Grids Efficient, Reliable, and Secure
Rebecca Slayton, Science and Technology Studies

How a Community Teaches Justice: Public Pedagogies and Youth–Adult Civic Learning in Everyday Social Movement
Sofia Villenas, Anthropology

Marriage and Re-partnering in the Second Half of Life
Elaine Wethington, Human Development, Sociology

Paternal Incarceration and Teachers’ Expectations of Students
Christopher Wildeman, PAM
Elizabeth G. Walsh, University of Texas at Austin

Spring 2014

Cohort Highlight: Institute for the Social Sciences Grants Awards

Precarious Lives, Desired Futures: Reimagining Lives and Livelihoods
PI: Shelley Feldman, Development Sociology

Audience and Self-Concept in Social Media
PIs: Jeffery Hancock, Communication, Megan French, Communication

Resilience and Ruination in Mountain Communities:  Comparative Regional Settlement Dynamics in the South Caucasus from the Bronze Age to Today
PIs: Lori Khatchadourian, Near East Studies, Adam Smith, Anthropology

“Men at Work” (and Family): Caregiving Responsibilities among the Working Class
PIs: Beth Livingston, Human Resource Studies, Ileen DeVault, Labor History, Sharon Sassler, Policy Analysis and Management

Congestion Pricing: Equity and Environmental Justice Implications
PI: Michael Manville, City and Regional Planning

Medicaid and the Politics of the Poor
PI: Jamila Michener, Government

Insurance Competition and Network Offerings
PI: Sean Nicholson, Policy Analysis and Management

Narrative, Metaphor, and Inoculation: Communication Theory to Promote Multi-Sector Approaches to Improving Health
PIs: Jeff Niederdeppe, Communication, Colleen Barry, Health Policy and Management, Johns Hopkins University

Law and Social Science Conference – Increasing Inclusion/Reducing Discrimination – What Works?
PIs: Pamela Tolbert, Organizational Behavior, Esta Bigler, Employment and Labor Law

Philip Morris in Indonesia: An Ethnography of the Sampoerna Clove Cigarette Company
PI: Marina Welker, Anthropology

Fall 2013

Cohort Highlight: Institute for the Social Sciences Grants Awards

Freedom on the Move: A Database of Fugitives from North American Slavery
PIs: Edward Baptist, History, William Block, Director, CISER

Counterstories of Greater Mexico
PIs: Debra Castillo, Comparative Literature, Rafael Acosta Morales, Romance Studies, Gustavo Flores Macías, Government

Does the United States Patent and Trademark Office Grant Unnecessary Patents?: An Empirical Analysis of Certain Causes and Consequences of PTO Granting Patterns
PIs: Michael Frakes, Law, Melissa Wasserman, Law, University of Illinois

Learning to Talk, Learning to Sing: A Comparative Approach to Discovering Mechanisms of Infant Learning from Social Interaction
PIs: Michael Goldstein, Psychology, Samantha Carouso, Psychology

Frictions in Real Asset Markets and Corporate Investment: Evidence from Ship-level Data
PI: Hyunseob Kim, Finance, JGSM

The Effect of Globalization on Bank Operations and Borrowing Costs
PI: Edith Liu, Finance, AEM

The Dissemination and Refutation of Rumor
PIs: Drew Margolin, Communication, Ingmar Weber, Qatar Computing Research Institute

Parents’ Time with Children and Subjective Well-Being
PIs: Kelly Musick, Policy Analysis and Management, Ann Meier, Sociology, University of Minnesota

Catholics, Gender, and the Gay Marriage Debate in France
PI: Camille Robcis, History

Brain Network Dynamics of Goal-Directed Cognition and Behavior Across the Adult Lifespan
PI: Nathan Spreng, Human Development

Farm Bill Dairy Title Milk Producer Survey in NY State
PIs: Joshua Woodard, Agricultural Finance and Business, AEM, Leslie Verteramo Chiu, AEM

Moving Beyond the Census Tract: Activity Space and Social Networks in Later Life
PI: Erin York Cornwell, Sociology

Spring 2013

Cohort Highlight: ISS Funds Faculty Research in Seven Colleges

Choosing Neighborhoods, Choosing Schools: A Pilot Study of the Association Between Neighborhood and School Composition
PIs: Kendra Bischoff, Sociology, Laura Tach, Policy Analysis and Management

Welfare Impacts of Participation in the Relationship Coffee Model Among Colombian Smallholder Growers
PI: Miguel Gomez, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management

Economic Methods for Historians Workshop
PI: Louis Hyman, Department of Labor Relations, Law, and History

Children of the Undocumented: Inclusion Versus Exclusion
PIs: Michael Jones-Correa, Government, Alex Street, Institute for European Studies, Chris Zepeda-Millan, Government

Rights to the Forest: Impacts of Governance Changes on Health, Nutrition and Livelihoods in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India
PIs: Neema Kudva, City and Regional Planning, Rebecca Stoltzfus, Nutrional Sciences, Andrew Willford, Anthropology and Asian Studies, Steven Wolf, Natural Resources

Preference of Firms During Economic Crisis: Evidence from Spain
PI: Alexander Kuo, Government

School Quality Information and the Choice Environment: Evidence from Online School Search Behavior
PI: Michael Lovenheim, Policy Analysis and Management

Marine Health Matters: A Risk Communication Workshop
PI: Katherine McComas, Communication

Investor Distraction versus Investor Focus: Evidence from Earnings Announcements
PI: Pamela Moulton, Finance

Measuring the Impact of Firm’s Resource Misallocation Growth in Developing Economies: Evidence from Indonesia
PI: Sharon Poczter, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management

Teamwork and Technology in the Operating Room
PI: Rachel Prentice, Science and Technology Studies

Meridian 180 Inter-disciplinary Conference: Rethinking the “Comfort Women” Problem
PI: Annelise Riles, Law School and Anthropology

Examining Relationships Between Neighborhood Walkability and Health Behaviors and Outcomes
PI: Rebecca Seguin, Division of Nutritional Sciences

Designing Optimal Social Insurance Systems
PI: Maxim Troshkin, Economics

Fall 2012

Cohort Highlight: From Babies’ Spatial Skills to Collective Bargaining, Social Science Research Gets Funding

Spatial Language and the Development of Spatial Cognition
PI: Marianella Casasola, Human Development

The Promise of Augmented Reality: A Case Study of Real-Time Imaginings of Future Technologies
PIs: Tarleton Gillespie, Communication, Tony Liao, Communication

The Foreclosure Crisis and Racial Residential Stratification
PI: Matthew Hall, Policy Analysis and Management

Development of Collective Bargaining in China: A Multidisciplinary Conference and Research Project
PI: Sarosh Kuruvilla, International and Comparative Industrial Relations

How Health Care Policy Shapes Public Opinion: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act Over Time
PI: Suzanne Mettler, Government

Life on the Frontier: Identity and Exchange at the Ancient Border Town of Abel Beth Maacah, Israel
PI: Lauren Monroe, Near Eastern Studies

The Fourth Urie Bronfenbrenner Conference: New Developments in Aging, Emotion, and Health
PI: Anthony Ong, Human Development

Causal Mediation Analysis in the Presence of Latent Heterogeneity
PI: Felix Thoemmes, Human Development

Visualizing Speech: Real-Time MRI of the Vocal Tract
PI: Sam Tilsen, Linguistics

The John Lossing Buck Project
PI: Calum Turvey, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management

Health Effects of Weather and Pollution: Implications for Climate Change
PI: Nicolas Ziebarth, Policy Analysis and Management

Spring 2012

Cohort Highlight: ISS’ Grants Fund Research from Body Odor to Democracy

Civic Engagement, Civil Society Organizations, and Urban Environmental Governance: Implications for the New Environmental Politics of Urban Development
PI: Shorna Allred, Natural Resources

Targeting and Impacts of India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
PI: Christopher Barrett, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management

Cyber-­Boosting African Social Science: Exporting the CISER Experience
PIs: Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, Development Sociology, William Block, Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research, Sarah Giroux, Development Sociology

Listening to the Nation: Mass Culture and Identities in Interwar Egypt
PI: Ziad Fahmy, Department of Near Eastern Studies

Education Work in China: A Comparative Study of Beijing’s Separate School Systems
PI: Eli Friedman, Department of International and Comparative Labor

Health Insurance Choice and Utilization
PI: Don Kenkel, Department of Policy Analysis and Management

Toward Sustainable Health: Modernizing Traditional Medicine in Tanzania
PI: Stacey Langwick, Anthropology
2012 Media Highlight: Langwick Wins Grant to Study Intellectual Property, Traditional Medicine in Tanzania

Innovating the Smart Grid: Organization of R&D, Standards, and the Electricity Industry
PI: Aija Leiponen, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management

Modeling College Choice: The Role of Preferences and Constraints in Producing Disparities in College Attendance Outcomes
PI: Jordan Matsudaira, Policy Analysis and Management

Policymaking under the Shadow of Death: the Policymaking Process under the Khmer Rouge in Democratic Kampuchea
PI: Andrew Mertha, Government

Elections, Accountability, and Democratic Governance in Africa
PI: Muna Ndulo, Law and African Development

Fuzzy-Trace Theory and the Law: Testing a Theoretical Model of Juror Damage Awards
PI: Valerie Reyna, Human Development

Time-Varying Risk Preferences and Asset Prices: Evidence from Lottery Bonds
PI: Andrey Ukhov, Hotel Administration

Platonic Friendship and Social Olfactory Cues in Human Body Odor
PI: Vivian Zayas, Psychology

Fall 2011

Applying Discourse Semantics and Pragmatics to Narrative Images: A Study of Stone Reliefs, Miniatures, Cave Paintings, and Temple Sculpture
PI: Dorit Abusch, Linguistics

Women, Sustainable Development and Food Sovereignty/Security in a Changing World
PI: Cynthia Bowman, Law

Disentangling the Building from Behavior in Residential Energy Efficiency
PI: Howard Chong, Hotel Administration

Strengthening the Case for Evidence-Based Policy for Development: Contextualized Causal
Inference and the Importance of Mechanism
PIs: Mark Constas, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Per Pinstrup-Andersen, Nutritional Sciences

Implicit Nationalism and Prejudice: Testing Effects on Behavior
PI: Melissa Ferguson, Psychology
Funded with generous support by the PCCW

Strengthening the State: Understanding Citizens’ Willingness to Pay Taxes for Public Safety
PI: Gustavo Flores-Macias, Government

Comedy and Society in Antiquity
PI: Michael Fontaine, Classics

News Evidence and Political Behavior
PI: Adam Seth Levine, Government

The Employment Effects of Green Investment: the Case of Solar and Wind Electricity Generation
PI: Shanjun Li,Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

Partial Identification and Statistical Decisions: A Conference
PIs: Francesca Molinari, Economics, Jörg Stoye, Economics

Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas 7
PI: Sarah Murray, Linguistics

Implementation Research for Global Nutrition: Opportunities for the Social Sciences at Cornell
PI: David Pelletier, Nutritional Sciences

Explaining Price Dispersion in Online Auctions with Simple Frictions
PI: Henry Schneider, Economics

Intervening in American Families’ Busyness: Marrying Anthropological Understanding with IT Design
PI: Phoebe Sengers, Information Science and Science & Technology Studies

Ethical Technologies of Corporate Rule: A Mining Company in Postauthoritarian Indonesia
PI: Marina Welker, Anthropology

Rethinking Development: Debating New Directions in a Time of Crisis
PI: Wendy Wolford, Development Sociology

Spring 2011

Cohort Highlight: ISS Awards Grants to Social Scientists

ISS Grant Winner, Loeckenhoff, Receives Early Career Award in Gerontology
PI: Corinna Loeckenhoff, Human Development

Clean Water, Health and the Market Mechanism: How Effective is the Market at Allocating Health Goods?
PI: James Berry, Economics

Can Subjects Play Equilibria of Purified Games?
PI: Aaron Bodoh-Creed, Economics

The State of Upstate New York Conference: Resiliency, Partnerships and Innovation
PIs: David Brown, Development Sociology, Rod Howe, Development Sociology, John Sipple, Development Sociology
2011 Media Highlight: ‘State of Upstate’ Conference June 8-9 Tackles Regional Development, Public Policy

Psychobiology of the Formation of Social Bonds
PI: Richard Depue, Human Ecology

Refiguring Village Studies: New Approaches to Agrarian Change in South Asia
PI: Shelley Feldman, Development Sociology

Rice and Language Across Asia: Crops, Movement, and Social Change
Organizer: Magnus Fiskesjö, Anthropology
2011 Media Highlight: Science and Humanities Wed to Explore Origins and Consequences of Domesticated Rice

Developing Computational Supports for Frame Reflection
PI: Geri Gay, Communication
2012 Media Highlight: Word choices on political issues reveal ways of thinking

Family Dynamics and Song Learning in the Zebra Finch: A New Model for Understanding Social Influences on the Development of Communication
PI: Michael Goldstein, Psychology

Considering Compensation: An Interdisciplinary Research Conference for New Scholars
PI: Kevin Hallock, Labor Economics and HR Studies

Commodity Prices in the Presence of Long-run Economic Relationships
PI: Peng (Peter) Liu, Hotel Administration

Age and Intertemporal Choice Among Aversive Experiences
PI: Corinna Loeckenhoff, Human Development
2011 Highlights: Two ISS Small Grant PIs Receive 2011 Affinito-Stewart Grants, Study: Older Adults More Willing to Wait for Financial Gain

Gas Drilling, Sustainability & Energy Policy: Searching for Common Ground
PI: Keith Porter, Law

Institutional Psychotherapy and the Reaction Against “Concentrationism”
PI: Camille Robcis, History

Theorizing in the Social Sciences
Organizer: Richard Swedberg, Sociology

Credit Card Reforms and Consumers’ Use of Credit Cards
PI: Sharon Tennyson, PAM

An Empire of Complaints: Petitions, Rights and Justice in Eighteenth Century India
PI: Robert Travers, History

Child Custody Decisions in Disadvantaged Families: A Pilot Study
PI: Maureen Waller, PAM

Fall 2010

Cohort Highlight: Institute for the Social Sciences Awards Interdisciplinary Research Grants

Can an Improved Sales Contract Speed Adoption of Improved Stoves?
PIs: Garrick Blalock, Applied Economics and Management and David Levine, University of California
2010 Media Highlight: New Sales Approach for Improved Cookstoves selected for 2011 Academic Venture Fund Awards

Youth, Identities, and Transnational Flows
PIs: Debra A. Castillo, Latin American Studies, Mary Jo Dudley, Cornell Farmworker Program, and Sofia Villenas, Latino Studies

The Interaction of Syntax, Semantics and Prosody in Slovenian
PIs: Molly Diesing, Linguistics, Draga Zec, Linguistics

Limited Rationality and the Strategic Environment: An Experimental Study
PIs: Ori Heffetz, JGSM, Michael Waldman, JGSM, Kristen B. Cooper, AEM

Capital Jurors Deciding Intellectual Disability: What Matters and Why?
PIs: Sheri Lynn Johnson, Law, Christopher Seeds, Law, John Blume, Law

Unpacking the Nano: The Price of the World’s Most Affordable Car
PIs: Kent Kleinman, Architecture, Art and Planning, & Mary N. Woods, Architecture, Art and Planning
2011 Highlight: ISS Small Grant Project Explores Nano Car’s Social Impact & Design2010 Highlight: Exhibit Featured in Architech Magazine

Immigration, Intra- and Inter-generational Socio-Economic Mobility
PIs: Daniel R. Lichter, PAM, Dean R. Lillard, PAM, Rebekka Christopoulou, Bronfenbrenner Life Course Center

Do International Bond Markets Diversify Portfolio Risk?
PI: Edith X. Liu, AEM

What Drives the Stock Price Run-ups? Insider Trading vs. Market Anticipation
PI: Qingzhong Ma, Hotel Administration

The Coevolution of Individuals and Their Social Setting: A Multi-site Longitudinal Study
PIs: Brian Rubineau, ILR, David Lazer, Northeastern University, Michael Neblo, Ohio State University

The Impact of Social Eating Patterns on Workplace Productivity and Organizational Commitment: Initiating a Program of Firefighter Research
PIs: Brian Wansink, AEM & Kevin M. Kniffin, AEM

Spring 2010

Cohort Highlight: ISS Awards Grants to Cornell Researchers

Expertise Recognition in Cross-Cultural Collaboration: The Impact of Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Communication
PIs: Natalya Bazarova, Communication & Connie Yuan, Communication

Preventing Deviant Internet Behavior: An Application of Prospect Theory
PIs: Sahara Byrne, Communication & Sunny “Sun Jung” Kim, Communication

Leveraging the ASHEcon Conference at Cornell to Promote Exchange Across the Social Sciences
PI: John Cawley, Policy Analysis and Management

Overseas Charity in Early Modern Europe: Empathy, Obligation, and Global Networks
PI: Duane Corpis, History

Design Tactics and the Informalized City
Organizers: Jeremy Foster, Landscape Architecture, Lily Chi, Architecture, Art and Planning, Neema Kudva, City and Regional Planning, and Caroline O’Donnell, Architecture
2012 Conference Website

The Duality of Telecom Policymaking: The Case of Internet Governance Debates
PIs: Tarleton Gillespie, Communication & Dimitry Epstein, Communication

An Exploration of the Effect of Design Interventions on Reducing Sedentary Behavior in Workplace
PI: Ying Hua, Design & Environmental Design

Exploring Trans-disciplinary Research in Environmental Education and Related Fields
PIs: Marianne Krasny, Natural Resources, Janis Dickinson, Natural Resources & Justin Dillon, London

Engaging Images: Artists and the Art of Life in 20th Century South Africa
PI: Daniel Magaziner, History

Rethinking Development in an Age of Climate Change
Organizer: Fouad Makki, Development Sociology
2012 Conference Website

Linguistic and Emotional Factors in Intergroup Linguistic Bias
PI: Poppy McLeod, Communication

Kin and Kingdom: Using GIS to Understand the Relationship Between Tribes and Elections in Jordan
PI: David Patel, Government

Fluid Empires: Water Management Across the French Mediterranean
PI: Sara Pritchard, Science & Technology Studies
Co-sponsored with generous support by the Einaudi Center

Estimating the Impact of Alternative Canopy Management Practices on White
Wine Purchase Decisions
PIs: Todd Schmit, Applied Economics and Management, Bradley Rickard, Applied Economics and Management, & Anna Mansfield, Food Science

Eating Network Partners
PI: Jeffrey Sobal, Nutritional Science

The Causal Mechanisms of the Democratic Peace
PIs: Jessica Weeks, Government, & Michael Tomz, Stanford University. Press Coverage.

Fall 2009

Cohort Highlight: Small Grants Awarded to Social Scientists

2010 INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Conference
Organizer: Chris Anderson, Hotel
2011 Article: A Comparison of Different Demand Models for Joint Inventory-Pricing Decisions

International Seminar for the Study of the Second Slavery
Organizers: Ed Baptist, History, Rafael Marquese, Sao Paulo and Dale Tomich, Binghamton University
2010 Conference Program

Team Diversity and Financial Decision Making
PIs: Vicki Bogan, Applied Economics and Management, David Just, Applied Economics and Management, and
Chekitan Dev, Hotel School
2011 Article: Team Diversity and Investment Decision Making Behavior

Computing a Sustainable Future: Fabrication, Ecology and Simulation in the Age of Global Climate Change
PIs: Ann Forsyth, Architecture Art & Planning, Mark Morris, Architecture, Art & Planning , and Mike Silver, Metropolis Magazine

An International Healthcare Reform Conference: From the Whitehouse to the Workplace
Organizers: Rebecca Givan, Industrial Labor Relations, Peter Lazes, Industrial Labor Relations and William Sonnenstuhl, Industrial Labor Relations
2010 Conference Website

The Effects of Incentive Framing and Probabilistic Management Audits on Fraudulent Behavior
PI: James Hesford, Hotel

Employment Relations in Multinational Corporations Conference
Organizer: Sarosh Kuruvilla, Industrial Labor Relations
2010 Conference Website

Who Knows Best: Preschoolers’ Causal Learning from Experts in Light of Their Own Play Experience
PI: Tamar Kushnir, Human Development
2012 Media Highlight: Preschoolers at Play Show Science Skills
2010 Media Highlight: Preschoolers Use Statistics To Understand Others

Contrasting Language in Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease and in Healthy Elderly: Stage Two of a Pilot Study
PIs: Barbara Lust, Human Development, Janet Sherman, Massachusetts General Hospital, Suzanne Flynn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Alexander Immerman, Cornell Language Acquisition Lab
2011 Media Highlight: Trouble Forming Sentences May Be Early Alzheimer’s Marker

Rectification, Thought Reform, and Political Education in Khmer Rouge Liberated Zones (1970-1975) and Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979)
PI: Andrew Mertha, Government

Bringing STS into Environmental History
Organizers: Sara Pritchard, Science & Technology Studies, Dolly Jørgensen, Norwegian Universoty of Science and Technology and Finn Arne Jørgensen, Norwegian University of Science & Technology

Workshop on Grammar Induction
Organizers: Mats Rooth, Linguistics and Draga Zec, Linguistics
2009 Conference Website

Local Product (Techan) Specialization in China and Taiwan
PI: Steven Sangren, Anthropology

A Mini-Conference on Gender Inequality in Science, Math, Engineering, and Behavioral Science Occupations
Organizer: Sharon Sassler, Policy Analysis & Management

Perceptions of “Publicness” in NYC’s Privately Owned Public Spaces
PIs: Stephan Schmidt, City & Regional Planning and Jeremy Nemeth, University of Colorado

Health Insurance and Changes in Marital Status
PI: Kosali Simon, Policy Analysis and Managment

“Citizenship Effects,” ‘Interest Convergence,” and Interest Group Litigants’ Strategy: Campaign for Fiscal Equity v. State of New York
PI: Anna Marie Smith, Government

Spring 2009

Managing Strategic Paradoxes: A Longitudinal Study of Leadership in a Social Enterprise
PI: Marya Besharov, ILR

Re-evaluating Africa and World War II
Organizers: Judith Byfield, Africana Studies, Carolyn Brown, Rutgers University, Gregory Mann, Columbia University and Ahmad Sikainga, Ohio State University

Rural Schools: Planning and Decisionmaking in Times of Fiscal Stress
PIs: Joe Francis, Development Sociology and John Sipple, Development Sociology

Behavioral Tendencies in Newsvendor Decision Making: Capturing the Chinese Perspective
PI: Srinagesh Gavirneni, Johnson Graduate School of Management

Longitudinal Effects of Computer-Mediated Self-Presentations on Scholastic Self-Concept and Achievement
PI: Jeff Hancock, Communication, Amy Gonzales, Communication

What are the Pieces of Language Knowledge?
PIs: John Hale, Liguistics, Timothy O’Donnell, Harvard University, and Jiwon Yun, Linguistics

Novelty and Popularity in Markets for News
PIs: Ben Ho, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Peter Liu, Hotel Administration, and Fang Wu, HP Lab

Agglomeration, Product Differentiation, and Firm Entry
PIs: Renata Kosova, Hotel Administration

The Aggregate Effects of Anticipated and Unanticipated Tax Policy Changes
PIs: Karel Mertens, Economics and Morten Ravn, University of London

Education and Changing Patterns of Fertility Over The Life Course
PI: Kelly Musick, Policy Analysis and Management

The Food and Financial Crises and their Impact on the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Africa
Organizers: Muna Ndulo, Law School, and David Lee, Applied Economics and Management

Workshop on the Global Impact of the Financial Crisis
PIs: Thomas Pepinsky, Government

Consequences of Teen and Early Fatherhood
PIs: Elizabeth Peters, Policy Analysis and Management, Claudio Lucarelli, Policy Analysis and Management, Joseph Sabia, American University and Joseph Price, Brigham Young University

The Second Urie Bronfenbrenner Conference: Improving the State of Americans
Organizers: Elaine Wethington, Human Development and Rachel Dunifon, Policy, Analysis and Management

Fall 2008

Testing the Two Systems Theory of Anomalous Preferences
PIs: Daniel J. Benjamin, Department of Economics, Sebastian A. Brown, Ph.D. Student, Harvard, and Jesse M. Shapiro, University of Chicago

Paying for Climate Change: The Role of Information and Social Preferences on Willingness to Pay
PIs: Antonio M. Bento, Department of Applied Economics and Management and Benjamin Ho, Johnson Graduate School of Management

Grandparent-Grandchild Interactions in Custodial Grandparent Families
PIs: Rachel Dunifon, Department of Policy Analysis and Management , Kimberly Kopko, Department of Policy analysis and Management, and Karl Pillemer, Department of Human Development

Accumulating Insecurity, Securing Accumulation: A Conference on Militarizing Everyday Life
PIs: Shelley Feldman, Department of Development Sociology, Charles Geisler, Department of Development Sociology and Gayatri Menon, Department of Development Sociology

The Implicit Operation of Ideology
PIs: Melissa Ferguson, Department of Psychology, Travis J. Carter, University of Chicago and Ran R. Hassin of Hebrew University.

Mobile Social Networking in Urban Environments
PI: Lee Humphreys, Department of Communication

The World Food Crisis: Event or Conjuncture? (April 3-4, 2008)
Organizer: Philip McMichael, Department of Development Sociology

Health and Early Childhood Television and Video Viewing
PIs: Sean Nicholson, Department of Policy Analysis and Management and Michael Waldman, Johnson Graduate School of Management

Using Personal Stories to Raise Support for Social Policies to Reduce Obesity Rates
PIs: Jeff Niederdeppe, Department of Communication and Michael A. Shapiro, Department of Communication

Developmental Origins of Childhood Attention Problems
PIs: Stephen S. Robertson, Department of Human Development and John Guckenheimer, Departments of Mathematics and Theoretical & Applied Mechanics

Authoritarian Domestic Political Institutions and International Conflict
PIs: Jessica Weeks, Department of Government

Spring 2008

Improving Distributed Collaboration by Understanding Interpersonal Attention
PI: Jeremy P. Birnholtz, Department of Communication

Smoking Cessation Advertisements and Source Credibility
PIs: Sahara Byrne, Department of Communication, Alan Mathios, Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Rosemary Avery, Department of Policy Analysis and Management and Philip Sol Hart, Department of Communication

Effect of Maternal Choline Intake On Neurocognitive Development In Infants
PIs: Marie Caudill, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Barbara Strupp, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Richard Canfield, Division of Nutritional Sciences, and Eva Pressman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Rochester

Schooling, Childbearing, and Work Transitions of Young Women in Africa: Understanding Determinants and Consequences
PIs:Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, Department of Development Sociology, David E. Sahn, Division of Nutritional Sciences and Department of Economics, and Peter J. Glick, Division of Nutritional Sciences

Agglomeration Effects: The Role of Selection
PI: Matthew L. Freedman, School of Industrial Labor Relations, Jason Faberman, Economist, Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Give & Take: Incentive Framing in Compensation Contracts
PI: James W. Hesford, School of Hotel Administration

Human Resources Policies and Discrimination Charges: A Multi-Industry Study
PIs: Elizabeth Hirsh, Department of Sociology, Julie A. Kmec, Department of Sociology, Washington State University

A Stitch in Time: Evaluating the Effects of an AP Incentive Program on College Outcomes
PI: C. Kirabo Jackson, Department of Labor Economics

Beyond Diversity: Re-Situating Pluralism
Organizer: Karim-Aly S. Kassam, Department of Natural Resources and American Indian Program

Minimum Staffing Legislation and the Quality of Health Care: Evidence on Effectiveness and Necessity From a Natural Experiment
PI:Jordan D. Matsudaira, Department of Policy Analysis and Management

Tune in to Governance: An Experimental Investigation of Radio Campaigns in Africa
PI: Devra Moehler, Department of Government and Archie Luyimbazi, Department of Mass Communication, Makerere University

Conference of the Cornell Law School: Law Markets & Social Equity
PI: Annelise Riles, School of Law and Department of Anthropology

Racial Disparities in Patient Care and the Role of Medical Training: An Audit Study
PI’s: Brian Rubineau, Department of Organizational Behavior and Yoon Kang, Clinical Skills Center, Weill Cornell Medical College

Poverty, Equity, and State Policy: The Move Toward Universal Pre-kindergarten in New York State Rural School District
PI’s: John W. Sipple, Development Sociology, Lisa McCabe, Department of Human Development, and Judith Ross-Bernstein, Department of Human Development

Fall 2007

Cohort Highlight: Social Scientists Receive Small Grant Awards

Homogeneity and Heterogeneity in Public Opinion
Organizer: Peter Enns, Government

Risk Communication and Lung Cancer Screening
PIs: Katherine McComas, Department of Communication, Sahara Byrne, Department of Communication, Natalie Bazarova, Department of Communication, Zheng Yang, Department of Communication, Claudia Henschke, Department of Radiology, Weill Cornell Medical College, and David Yankelevitz, Department of Radiology, Weill Cornell Medical College

Threats to Group Survival, Status, and “Upping the Threat Level”
PIs: H. Kern Reeve, Department of Neurobiology & Behavior, Pat Barclay, Department of Neurobiology & Behavior, Stephen Benard, Department of Sociology

Scripting the Future of a Community: A Participatory Visioning Process for Iowa’s Amana Colonies
PIs: Deni Ruggeri, Department of Landscape Architecture and Paula Horrigan, Department of Landscape Architecture

Revisiting the Relation Between the Private and the Public “Spheres” After Welfare: A Feminist Legal Studies Project
PI: Anna Marie Smith, Department of Government

Law and Social Sciences: Using Theory and Research on Discrimination in Title VII Class Action Litigation
PIs: Pamela S. Tolbert, Department of Organizational Behavior, Quinetta M. Roberson, Department of Organizational Behavior and Esta R. Bigler, Department of Labor & Employment Law Programs

A Systematic Assessment of Service Scripts in the Hospitality Industry
PIs: Rohit Verma, Operations Management, School of Hotel Administration and Liana Victorino, Department of Management, University of Utah

Adult Attachment: Integrating Social, Cognitive, and Neurophysiological Approaches
PI: Vivian Zayas, Department of Psychology

Spring 2007

Cohort Highlight: Institute for the Social Sciences Awards 12 New Small Grants

Expected Utility Theory Through the Lens of Insurance Data
PI: Levon Barseghyan, Department of Economics

Cultural Bases & Biases for Word Learning
PI: Marianella Casasola, Department of Human Development

Chaos and Children’s Development: Levels of Analysis and Mechanisms
PI: Gary Evans, Departments of Design & Environmental Analysis & Human Development

What’s a Price Worth? An Experimental Study of Prices and Preferences
PIs: Ori Heffetz, Johnson School of Management and Moses Shayo Department of Economics, Hebrew University

Workshop on Immigrant Political Incorporation
PI: Michael Jones-Correa, Department of Government

The Diversification of Small Business Entrepreneurs: Form and Effects
PI: Arturs Kalnins, Strategic Management, School of Hotel Administration

Embedded Neo-Liberalism in the Gear of Social Change: A Comparative-Historical Analysis 
PI: Phil McMichael, Department of Development Sociology

Chronic Pain, Stress, and Resilience in Later Adulthood
PIs: Anthony Ong, Department of Human Development, Cary Reid, Weill Cornell Medical College, Elaine Wethington, Departments of Human Development & Sociology and Karl Pillemer, Department of Human Development & Weill Cornell Medical College

Secondary Effects of Biofuels Demands: Implications for Feed and Livestock Industries
PIs: Todd Schmit and William Tomek, Department of Applied Economics and Management

How Does New Medical Information Affect the Use of High-Risk Procedures? 
PIs: Kosali Simon, Department of Policy Analysis and Management, Valerie Reyna, Department of Human Development, Joseph Price, Department of Economics

Imagined and Realized Futures of U.S. Bioweapons Threat Assessments
PI: Kathleen Vogel, Science and Technology Studies & Peace Studies Program

Encoding and Retrieving Information with Prosody
PI: Michael Wagner, Department of Linguistics, McGill University

Fall 2006

Between the Lines: Contested Boundaries and the Fate of the Jews and other Minorities in Eastern Europe during WWII
PI: Holly Case Department of History

Structures of Social Interaction In Language Acquisition
PIs: Shimon Edelman, Heidi Waterfall, Jennifer Schwade, & Michael Goldstein, Department of Psychology

Grounding the Digital Copyrights Controversies
PI: Tarleton Gillespie, Department of Communication

Women and the State in Europe Speaker Series
PIs: Rebecca Givan, Industrial and Labor Relations and Sydney Van Morgan, Sociology and Institute for European Studies

Spring 2006

Avoiding and Escaping Persistent Poverty
PI: Christopher B. Barrett, Department of Applied Economics and Management

Evaluating an Employer-Supported Child Care Program: An Ecological Approach
PI: Moncrieff Cochran, Department of Human Development

Rethinking Sustainability and Development: A Return to Vicos, Peru
PI: Billie Jean Isbell, Department of Anthropology

Interagency Cooperation in Social Services for Families and Children: Application of Group Dynamics Theory
PI: Poppy McLeod, Department of Communication

Picking Stocks for Fun or Buying Stock Funds: The Portfolio Choices of U.S. Individual Investors
PI: David Ng, Department of Applied Economics and Management

The Surgeon’s Body: Surgical Practice in an Age of Digital Medicine
PI: Rachel Prentice, Department of Science and Technology Studies

Assessing Gender Differences in Time Consistency
PI: Jeffrey Prince, Department of Applied Economics and Management

Does Unconscious Bias Affect Trial Judges?
PIs: Jeff Rachlinski and Sheri Johnson, Cornell Law School

Workshop on Projectification, Governance and Sustainability: US-EU Synthesis and Comparison
PI: Steven Wolf, Department of Natural Resources

Fall 2005

Democracy Promotion and Electoral Revolutions in Postcommunist Eurasia 
PI: Valerie Bunce, Department of Government

(When) Should Knowledge Be Controlled? Knowledge Spillovers and Firms’ Innovation Behavior
PI: Aija Leiponen, Department of Applied Economics and Management

The Social Distribution of Hope
PI: Hirokazu Miyazaki, Department of Anthropology

 A New Social Indicators Framework for Measuring Trends in Inequality
PI: Kim A. Weeden, Department of Sociology

Strategy & Sincerity in Democratic Party Systems
PI: Robert Weiner, Department of Government

The Development of Social Capital and Transactive Memories Systems
PI: Connie Y. Yuan, Department of Communications

Spring 2005

Consumer Response to the Withdrawal of Prescription Drugs
PI: John Cawley, Department of Policy Analysis and Management

Building a Sociology of Displacement
PIs: Shelley Feldman and Charles Geisler, Department of Development Sociology

Media Effects and Political Knowledge in Africa
PI: Devra Moehler, Government

Lying Online: The Effects of Communication Technology on Deception
PI: Jeffrey Hancock, Communication

Adolescent Health and Community Service: Building Bridges and Planting Seeds
PI: Tracy Nichols, Public Health, Weill Medical Center