ISS’ Contested Landscapes Project: 2014 Graduate Student Grants

The Institute for the Social Sciences awarded $2,500 to Cornell graduate students undertaking field research related to the Contested Landscapes Theme Project. Selected through a competitive process, the award winning projects and their creators are:

  • Ritwick Ghosh (Natural Resources), Situating Science: Role of Intermediaries in Market Based Environmental Governance
  • Darragh Hare (Natural Resources), Whose biodiversity? Ownership and Public Trust Thinking
  • Kyle Harvey (History), Sailing the Pampas, Scaling the Andes: Postillions, Muleteers, and the Andean Pass, 1852-1932
  • Margot Lystra (Architecture and Urbanism), Systematic Landscapes: the Natures of Urban American Freeways, 1940s-1960s
  • Matthew Minarchek (History), Co-Producing Space: Territorialization Processes in the Highlands of Aceh (Sumatra), Indonesia during the Mid-Late Colonial Period
  • Joshua Savala (History), Class and Nation Across a Shifting Border: The Chilean and Peruvian Maritime World, 1850s-1920s

For additional details, see theĀ  Summer 2014 Fellowships RFP.