Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Press Coverage

pinch Trevor Pinch Book Traverses Tech, Sociology, and Sound, Cornell Chronicle (November 30, 2016)
CellTowers460 Poor Cell Phone Coverage Creates a ‘Mobile Divide’, Cornell Chronicle (May 3, 2016)
dutta460_2 Entrepreneurship to Play ‘Essential’ Role in College of Business, Cornell Chronicle (April 14, 2016)
diane ISS Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Project Wraps Up, Cornell Chronicle (April 7, 2016)
goncalo talking Jack Goncalo cited in Washington Post about Political Correctness, Washington Post (February 2016)
Leiponen CIE project member Aija Leiponen quoted in Wired about Yahoo’s Business Plans, Wired (February 2016)
Jae Cho Graduate student and recipient of CIE Award Jae B. Cho named Kauffman Dissertation Fellow, Kauffman Foundation (January 2016)

Jack Goncalo quoted in “The Phony Debate About Political Correctness,” Think Progress (January 2016)

Charles Whitehead ISS faculty fellow named director of the Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship Program, Cornell Law School (October 2015)
Diane Burton CIE project leader Diane Burton explains why she doesn’t use Uber, Chicago Sun Times (September 2015)
Michael Roach Research finds that people who join startups are equally as important as founders, Cornell Chronicle (June 2015)
Diane Burton 3 New York Times quotes project leader Diane Burton, New York Times (June 2015)
Melissa Ferguson CIE faculty fellow Melissa Ferguson shows that first impressions can be reversed, Cornell Chronicle (June 2015)
Creativity CIE faculty fellow Jack Goncalo shows how we can better keep secrets, Cornell Chronicle (June 2015)
goncalo talking When working in mixed groups, staying PC boosts productivity, National Public Radio (January 2015)
 pc Politically correct means not ignoring women, New York Magazine (December 2014)
Political correctness really works! Sorry, conservatives, but science just said so, The Guardian (November 2014)
 Goncalo The benefits of being politically correct, New York Times (November 2014)
Gender Bathroom Sign Jack Goncalo discusses creativity boost for mixed-sex work teams, Cornell Chronicle (November 2014)
Swedberg Richard Swedberg discusses his new book, “The Art of Social Theory” Cornell Chronicle (October 2014)
Goncalo Tricking your brain into feeling powerful motivates you to save more, DailyMail (July 2014)
mdb238 Bringing creativity and innovation together, WXXI News (June 2014)
trevor-pinch ISS faculty fellow, Trevor Pinch, recalls the disputatious Tommy Gold in “Golem” book series, Cornell Chronicle (June 2014)
ISS-Faculty-Cornell-University-2014-002 Social sciences theme project to study creativity, entrepreneurship, Cornell Chronicle (May 2013)
telling_a_secret ISS’ Creativity faculty fellow, Melissa Ferguson, finds secret keeping could have workplace implications, Cornell Chronicle (December 2013)
stock market ticker ISS’ Entrepreneurship project member, Charles Whitehead, argues for regulating the non-executive risk takers, Cornell Chronicle (August 2013)
Whitehead ISS’ Creativity, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship faculty fellow, Charles Whitehead, finds lawyers make good board directors, Cornell Chronicle (March 2013)
Goncalo ISS’ Creativity, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship faculty fellow, Jack Goncalo, finds rejection bolsters creativity, Cornell Chronicle (October 2012)